Are you prepared for Cold and Flu Season ?

This is a sponsored post about cold and flu season preparation was written by me on behalf of Chloraseptic® for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am not sure if it is the changing of warm to cold weather every third day or the hustle and bustle of the holiday season but I have 2 sick kids this week. There is nothing more stressful than wanting the kids out of the house and in school before they are home for two weeks. SO are you prepared for cold and flu season at your house? We want to share a few must haves we have around the house and in our bathroom cabinets so we can take quick action against these germs.

 photo 86d01702-1ea7-4fc9-b9e0-e291c4f605da_zpsa7169303.jpg

  • I always have saltines in the house, you never know when the stomach bug might hit and those are always are go to for upset stomachs.
  • Plenty of fluids including orange juice, ginger ale, Vitamin C drinks, decaffeinated tea bags and bottled water.
  • You favorite fever reducer medication. Nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night with a feverish child and not having the right medicine to give them relief. 
  • Cough suppressant,  we use this mainly at night when it affects our kids ability to sleep. 
  • A variety of Chloraseptic® products to provide sore throat relief. Sore throat is usually the first sign an illness is imminent .Cloraseptic

Did you know that  Chloraseptic® is the #1 pharmacist recommended sore throat relief brand**Lozenges Tied for #1. They come in a variety of flavors and products including  sprays and lozenges. Don’t worry if you recall the single flavor from your childhood, Chloraseptic® are available in a variety of flavors including Cherry, Max Wild Berry, Warming Honey Lemon, and Grape spray, made just for kids.

  • Chloraseptic® Sore Throat Lozenges, with a soothing liquid center, provides fast-acting relief for sore throat and mouth pain and our Total product cools the nasal passages as well.
  • Chloraseptic® Sore Throat sprays provide fast relief on contact. Sprays come in a variety of flavors including Cherry, Warming Honey Lemon, Grape made just for kids.
  • Max Wild Berry with a target sprayer so kids will not fuss so  much about applying it. 

 photo ff8056c0-0120-4866-a438-65c9db8f598d_zps08ee04cd.jpg

Open Wide buddy good thing there is the great target on this one:

 photo d77b7f94-cdf5-46e0-98ea-577414830556_zpsd2807851.jpg  

 He looks like one happy camper now that his sore throat feels better.

 photo 6f7c2648-3ee9-4cc9-8fac-2aeb7c277b6b_zpsb0073ae3.jpg

So now that your cabinet and pantry are prepared for cold and flu season be sure to check out the  Cold & Flu Tracker and Chloraseptic® Coupon website, as well as Chloraseptic® Facebook page for new product announcements and some fun Family DIY activities.

Before heading out shoppong, be sure to  grab this $1 Chloraseptic® Coupon .

What tips do you take to prepare for Cold and flu seaosn?

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  1. I’ve used that on many a sore throat. Hope I don’t get one this year!

  2. We’ve had a pretty healthy winter so far, thank goodness! This looks like something we should keep in mind though for when of if the time comes.

  3. I try to keep saltines and ginger ale in the house especially this time of year. Chloraseptic products are another cold and flu season must have!

  4. The biggest thing at my house is hand washing. I am always telling the kids to wash their hands when they get home from school.

  5. These are all great items to have. Really works great.

  6. These are great ways to prepare for flu season! My kids are always getting sick

  7. Our family uses this product and we think it works well. We always try and get our flu shots, which we did this year. Also, good handwashing always.

  8. I need this myself. I have had a fever and cold for 3 days. I remember my mother giving me this product as a kid.

  9. This post was right on time as the flu has been going around. The kids school has it bad. I may need to go stock up on some of this.

  10. This sounds like something we could use a everyone is getting sore throats this week.

  11. The cold bug has landed at our house and we’re pretty old skool. I make a homemade cough syrup and we drink lots of water/tea and take our vitamins.

  12. I use this all the time when I have sore throats. It works like a charm 🙂