Race Car Birthday Party


My 4 year old has had a sudden interest with race cars. Not Nascar but anything “Hot Wheels” or “Matchbox”. Their generation is so branded now that he went through all of our cars and picked out the ones with those labels and refuses to play with the other ones. Race Car Birthday Party

So naturally a race car party was an easy decision this year. We had it at home and it really was economical and entertaining for the 8 birthday kids here.




    I can’t take complete credit for these. B brought home a large oval race track from preschool that they had added car stickers. I thought wow that can be a great invitation in a smaller version.

Simply cut out two ovals from black card stock. Cut a oval out of the middle. Add details and a printed details to the back.

Race Car Birthday Party

1) I called a local wine shop and asked for some boxes. I cut off the top and bottoms and did some very simple painting to resemble cars. I cut out handles with an exacto knife and added wheels (small black plates from the dollar store)with a glue gun. I tried to staple them but they did not stay on. I also attached one wheel on each car so the kids could “change the tires.
Then have the kids race around a “track”.

2) Pin the wheel on the car.
I found this great poster at the dollar store. You could draw one on poster board as well. I made black tires out of black card stock and added everyone’s name.
This age group was not interested in being blind folded but I did twirl them around.

3) Hot Rod
Instead of a hot potato the kids can play with a plastic car. Make sure you have a little treat for each kid getting out.

4) Red light, Green light

5) Just free play with Hot Wheels tracks.


1)I purchased wooden cars from oriental trading and had the kids use markers to decorate them. Paint would be too messy especially for this age.
2) I also purchased make a car stickers from same website and just had plain white half sheets of paper for the kids to work with if desired.



Simple streamers and black and white balloons as wells as bunches of red, yellow and green balloons.


White and black checkered flags and table cloth, all from Oriental trading. The table had a few cars that the kids were not playing with in the middle.

Race Car Birthday Party

Instead of expensive cups that get lost, buy white paper ones, put the children’s names on them and put a few stickers on them. Not only are they cute but the kids can reuse them.

Race Car Birthday Party


  • Race Dogs 
  •  Pizza Wheels (Pizza Bagels)
  • Fruit,
  • chips 
  • water


Ice cream-
-any easy tip to help serve everyone quickly is to scoop ice cream into individual paper cupcake holders and place it into the freezer. Everyone gets the same amount of ice cream and less mess for the hosts!!
The parents did not stay but I did have this car on a platter with carrots and hummus.

Race Car Birthday Party

I adapted this cake from Family Fun.
I found the sprinkles from Sugarcraft and the race track was crushed up oreo. I found the food processor provided the best results.

Race Car Birthday Party


TIP: To help make the centers I placed a glass on each cake round, poured the road and then took the glass off and filled with green sprinkles.

Fell upon bags at the dollar store with race cars on them. Otherwise you could use paper bags and either have the kids  decorate them with red, yellow and green paper circles or car stickers.

I made Checkered flag pretzels and added a little thank you from the birthday boy. I added these other fun treats as well.

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