Make Recycled Crayons for Valentines Day


Want a inexpensive Valentine treat to send to your children’s class? You probably have everything you need already in your house.  We have updated making recycled crayons from 2010. 

My youngest son’s preschool has a lot of food restrictions so I thought I would make something non food related to send. Plus this activity gave my kids a chance to clean out their craft drawers in search for the broken crayons.

Make Recycled Crayons for Valentines Day

We all have bunches of broken crayons that are too little for the kids to use. Time to clean out the crayon box and make new ones. So how do you recycle broken crayons into reusable ones? In the oven of course!

We have also recently made these fun mustache crayon valentines and printables.



  • crayons
  • mini muffin papers
  • oven


how to recycle crayons

Have your children peel the wrappers, which can be a little daunting. I had my little guy sort them into colors as a little learning opportunity!!

Decide if you want to make single color crayons, mixed colors or layered.

Since I have made the multi color ones before I thought I would try to make the layered variety. I did not work out as well as I thought, but I think it was because I was not patient enough to let them cool long enough.

making new crayons out of old ones

For the layered ones you may want to grate or cut of the crayons into small pieces so they will melt more quickly.

Place 2 cupcake papers or 1 foil holder  into a pan, (I used a mini cupcake pan). Place your cut up crayons and glitter (optional) into the papers and heat in a 225 degree oven for 5 mins. Checking frequently as they can burn.


Allow to cool and peel them out of the papers. For layered ones, allow each layer to cool completely b/f adding the next one.

unpeeling finished cooled recycled crayons



I then made my own Valentines on the computer to display our creations. I had my son draw a little crayon picture and then scanned it onto the computer. “I crayon not stop thinking of you” and “you make my day colorful” were some of my sayings.

We updated our free recycled Crayon Valentine.  RECYCLED VALENTINE PRINTABLE


After I made these I saw the cutest heart silicon molds at JoAnns and Michaels but I did not have enough crayons to do a second round. After I posted these I saw Target has silicon heart pans for $2.50 in their dollar area!!recycled crayon valentines


Buy a pack of heart slinkies from the dollar store, 6 in a pack.


Attach with fun tape

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  1. I used my metal mini muffin pan to make these and i let them cool completly (over night) and they popped right out, you could also cool them quicker by putting them in the freezer for a few hours.I didn’t used cooking spray at all. Like i said just make sure your metal pan is cooled all the way.