Safe makeup for Tweens and Younger Girls

If I had a dollar for every time my 12 year-old has asked me to take her to RiteAide to buy some makeup I could probably purchase a trip to somewhere warm. While I am not against my daughter wearing make up for special occasions her dad and I are trying to encourage her to share her natural beauty and use Safe makeup for Tweens and Younger Girls.


SAFE AND NATURAL MINERAL EYESHADOW, BLUSH AND BODY SHIMMER. Purely natural minerals. NO talc, NO parabens. NO petrochemcials. NO artificial dyes. ALL sparkly fun. CERTIFIED ORGANIC PINK LEMONADE LIP SHIMMER. Just a hint of shimmery pink with a sweet citrus flavor. WATER-BASED, PEELABLE NAIL POLISH IN ROYAL PRIMROSE. Odor-free, mess-free nail polish. Dries in seconds and peels off without nail polish remover! AWESOME MOISTURIZING BODY LOTION. Heals and nourishes with organic argan oil, coconut oil and honey. Made in USA.


Plus we think she is too old to add all the chemicals to her skin and body. For Christmas, she received a box of Klee Girls Products, makeup intended for girls ages 8 to 14-years-old. this post about safe makeup for tweens is sponsored by KidStuffPR & Luna Star Naturals. 


Safe makeup for Tweens and Younger Girls

The fun, colorful makeup line is made in USA and consists of loose-powder mineral eye shadow (12 shades, MSRP $8.99) in a unique easy-to-use applicator bottle, mineral blush (4 shades, $9.99) and mineral lip gloss with extra moisturizing apple extract and vitamin E (4 shades, $11.99).

For the holidays, she received one of  “starter” gift kits with a sampling of Klee Girls products are also available. (MSRP $24.99 and $34.99).

Only natural ingredients and colors are used in Klee Girls’ products. It swears off parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, and artificial colors.

What are Luna Star Naturals

Aiming to provide parents and kids a safe, healthy alternative in a market flooded with unsafe products, Luna Star Naturals introduced natural mineral play makeup kits and face paints to the role play segment several years ago.

Klee Girls is an extension to the popular line for older girls who have outgrown the princess fantasy world but want equally beautiful and clean makeup for their dance recitals, wedding processions or fun spa sessions at sleepovers. 


Before she even tried any of the products on, she was complaining that they were too shimmery and not dark enough. Really, do you hear what you are saying? I need to call my mom and ask her about this time when I was 12

. I encouraged her to let me apply a little of the makeup on and see how just a light application of color is perfect for a special occasion.




The key to makeup, in my opinion, is less is more and it should almost look like you don’t have any on. she was surprised as to how the makeup looked once applied and we agreed she could get a lip gloss with a little more shine.

The one color was too dark for every day and the other color was too light for her lip color.


The sparkling powder will be great for her dance performance this spring and the eye makeup and blush she can wear to her cotillion dances.

I think it was a win-win for both mom and daughter on this one. Order the Luna Star Natural kits from or they can call 888-992-4332 for the Klee Girls kits

What age do you think it is ok to wear makeup?

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  1. Abigail
    I am so excited that you found this product and I am sure your mother will be excited to find a natural makeup. While we believe in natural beauty it is fun to get a little sparkle for special occasions.

  2. I love this! I am ten, and I hope that I can show this to my mom. There is so much bad makeup out there, and this is the perfect solution. I think it is great to encourage younger girls to not wear a lot of makeup and that less is more. Because of your daughter, I feel like I am no longer alone. This website truly made my day. I found this website on Pintrest. I am going to post this on my page on Pintrest. You have a wonderful website, and I hope you have a wonderful day!