Safe Places to Buy Cell Phones

With smart phones and other mobile gadgets in the center of the modern lifestyle, almost everybody needs one of these handy items. First and foremost, for communication; two-job households hardly see each other and phones are especially important for communicating with the kids (although this is not an excuse to be absent in their lives). And even with the exception of daily communications, almost everybody today has the need to be connected to the online community for their daily lifestyle habits or for simple convenience or entertainment like accessing Google Maps or playing online games. Safe Places to Buy Cell Phones

Dire the need for such conveniences may be, buying cell phones is not an easy thing for the emotion and your wallet. The most common trend when getting a phone nowadays is to get it from a postpaid plan from a network carrier. This way, most can be had for free with the exception of the most expensive ones requiring $100 to $300 cash-outs. Many are attracted to such offers, but find themselves coughing out more cash than having bought it SIM free in the long run. if you want to avoid this pitfall and want to get cheaper phones, get it from these Safe Places to Buy Cell Phones:

Safe Places to Buy Cell Phones

1. Imported from other countries
If you have a friend in another country in the southeast Asian region like the Philippines, I suggest buying a quad-band Smartphone there and get it shipped into the US. You will get an open phone for a cheaper price. The downside to this is that the warranty that applies from the said country usually does not apply in the USA so it’ll be an unpleasant matter if the phone malfunctions.

2. Amazon or E-Bay
Amazon or E-Bay also sells very affordable smart phones. Although some are refurbished, being cautious and knowing the phone that you will purchase (such as having ways to indicate its authenticity like asking for the serial number and asking the manufacturer’s support team in verifying) can get you a very good phone for very low prices. However, caution is extremely recommended from buying from such sources and verifying matters that concern you such as warranties, payment method, security and trial periods should be formally established with the seller.

3. Pre-paid Networks
Perhaps one of the best ways to get a large savings overall when it comes to phones is to get them from prepaid networks. Although the famous smart phones like the iPhone 4S cannot be find among prepaid network offers, there are smart phones that are just as functional in their repertoire. And although you will have to pay for the phone as a whole as it is not bound by any contract. However, some offers are still lower than buying the phone SIM free from other retail stores and can further be subsidized through a cell phone promotion given away by your network of choice. And the best thing about this is that you instantly get access to the cheapest and most affordable plans in the smart phone service arena.

 Safe Places to Buy Cell Phones 

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