Personalized DIY Santa Letter Ornaments

There is nothing better than DIY Ornaments each year. Personalized or handmade ornaments are even better. We give our kids ornaments every Christmas and they usually have to do with an activity or vacation we had that year. There is nothing cuter than these DIY Santa Letter Ornaments.

Since that can get confusing if we don’t write their names on each one. We did come up with an ornament storage solution to help out.

These simple wooden initial Christmas ornaments are great for labeling packages as well. They are inexpensive and super easy to make.

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DIY Ornaments Santa Letter ornaments completed C B L

Learn how to make easy Letter Ornaments for Christmas

wooden letters, snow accent, red pain laid out on table



What you need for these Santa Letter DIY Ornaments: 

christmas ornament making personalized santa letter ornaments PIN

wooden letter ornaments painted red


Simply paint your wooden letters with red paint and allow them to dry.  Homemade personalized Christmas ornaments are great party favors too. 

Red painted letters with bottoms painted with snow paint on dirty paper towel


Apply the snow glitter paint to the bottom of each letter. Allow drying  the wooden letter ornaments.

Adding black belt on initial christmas ornaments


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christmas crafts for kids

With black paint, draw a black band for the belt. Glitter glue would make a better buckle but yellow works too for these initial Christmas ornaments.


Decorating belts for the letters painted red


Attach the Santa hat stickers and glue on a piece of ribbon to hang them on a tree. 

adding a sticker santa hat on letter c ornament


How cute are these DIY Santa Letter ornaments?

DIY Ornaments finished santa letter ornaments bcl

If you have any DIY Christmas Ornament Tutorials on your blog, leave a comment and we will add them to this post with a link to your blog. So happy to share homemade ornaments with everyone!! Happy Holiday Crafting! 

Pin this for when you are ready to get your holiday crafting in full gear. Be sure to check out all the other adorable and easy DIY ornaments to make with kids and adults. 

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