How to Select the Best Security Screen Doors for Your Home

When you are giving maximum emphasis on the matter of the safety of your home, then you should consider installing security screen doors. These latest ones are not like the old “fly wire” screen doors that you could see in houses. These new models have superior technologies that can ensure the safety of your house to a great extent. Along with top security, these doors can offer you beautification for the entrance of your house too. The modern screen doors have exceptional designs. There are some highly creative and impressive designs that can mesmerize the visitors of your house. Your rich aesthetic sense can be well reflected through these doors; while at the same time, they help in keeping your house safe from certain external entities.

How to Select the Best Security Screen Doors for Your Home

Checking the Options:

When you are opting for a suitable model for your home, then you should consider checking all the options of security screen doors available presently in the market. This may take some time, but you can ensure that you get the perfect one as per your requirements.


  •    There are traditional screen doors that have a wooden frame. If it is a normal screen door, then there are rust-prone screens that are secured with a simple rubber gasket. That means they are not able to provide you with the security that you demand most for your home.
  •    When you choose the security screen door, then you can expect a more sturdy construction with steel.
  •    Behind the screen, there are simple looking bars or cut-away designs to create something decorative. Both these types are able to provide you enough security for your house.

How to Select the Best Security Screen Doors for Your Home


Visibility Along with Air Flow:

The purpose of such kinds of doors is securing the entrance of the house without blocking the airflow. Thus, you should choose the model which can ensure both.

  •    There are security screen doors with special security features. From the outside, it seems that there is no screen. The outsiders feel that the door is solid.
  •    Those who stay inside can see that there is the screen and can enjoy all the advantages of having screen doors.
  •    Such types of doors are best for airflow too. You can enjoy   air flow along with good visibility when you install these latest models of screen doors at your home.

Keeping Out the Insects:

How to Select the Best Security Screen Doors for Your Home

Being a house owner, you must ensure the safety of your family members from all kinds of outside threats. It can be human or the insects that can bring severe illness to your house.

  •    The installation of security screen doors is also necessary to prevent the entry of those harmful insects in your house when you wish to keep your main door open for a while.
  •    You can keep those doors open to get enough sunlight or air, but do not need to worry about the attack of insects because the screen doors will stop them from getting into the house.
  •    If you do want something traditional or simple, then you can buy the screen doors with traditional bar and grille, and if you want something special, then you can look for the ones with creative patterns.


Ensuring Security Along with Beauty and Comfort:

The main purpose of installing such kind of screen doors is security. However, there are people who wish to give equal importance to the matter of beauty and comfort while looking for the suitable security screen doors. For them, these new and advanced models are a perfect choice. You can comfortably get the vision of the outside of your home, without opening the door. At the same time, the security screen door ensures that no one can get easy access to your house.


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  1. My wife has been worrying about the security in our house, and I really wanted to look into getting a new way to protect us. I really like that security screens are like screen doors, but have bars behind them to provide protection. It would be nice to not have to worry about someone getting into our house like that.

  2. My wife and I have decided that we want to install a couple security screen doors on our home soon. I definitely agree that we want some good airflow in the house still. Do you think it is possible to get a screen door that is too open?