Sheetz’s “Project Watt-Ahh-Melon Ring,” a New Limited-Edition Craft Beer

Are you a craft beer lover?  Where do you look for unique flavor combinations?  How about your local Sheetz? I know it sounds a bit strange but they have been doing this for over a year.

Since May 2019 Sheetz has been forming collaborations with different craft breweries to create beers with iconic foods found at Sheetz.  They have made Blueberry, coffee and even a hot dog variety. Many are sold out in just days.  These offerings have only been available in Pennsylvania.

Sheetz’s “Project Watt-Ahh-Melon Ring,” a new limited-edition craft beer

Sheetz Releases First-Ever Watermelon Wheat Ale in Collaboration
with Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

If you are from the Richmond area, Hardywood is a brand you know and trust to offer a good tasting craft beer.  They are the reason Richmond has become some a big craft beer town.  So you must check out the Sheetz’s “Project Watt-Ahh-Melon Ring,” a new limited-edition craft beer

Brewed with Sheetz watermelon gummy rings, this new beer is a light and refreshing tart watermelon wheat ale. Using over 50% wheat and over 100 lbs of gummy rings, Project Watt-Ahh-Melon Ring is the perfect complement to the heat and finishes at 5.3% ABV.

Sheetz’s “Project Watt-Ahh-Melon Ring,” a new limited-edition craft beer

Four packs of sixteen ounce cans of Project Watt-Ahh-Melon Ring will retail for only $7.99. A small batch craft beer, Project Watt-Ahh-Melon Ring will be available while supplies last and will not be restocked once sold out.



I am a wheat beer drinker so this was the perfect combination for me.  I love a little fruit flavor in my summer beers and in this hot humid September, after a long day at work, it was just what I needed.  You definitely can taste the watermelon candy which if you didn’t know exactly what you were buying might give you a Hmm moment.


Available for a limited time only in select Sheetz stores across Virginia and North Carolina, the beer will first be available to the public at 4 p.m. on Friday, September 11, 2020. HURRY THERE IS A HUGE FAN BASE and it will not be there for very long.

Sheetz’s “Project Watt-Ahh-Melon Ring,” a new limited-edition craft beer

Sheetz is committed to responsibly complying with all current laws and regulations, including the enforcement of a 100 percent proof-of-age policy. Employees will ask for proper identification, a valid driver’s license, passport or military identification card from any customers wanting to purchase alcohol, regardless of age. Each location also abides by time-of-day sales restrictions on alcohol.

pouring watermelon beer

For a full list of participating locations, visit

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