Short Cut Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes–Vote for your favorite

Even though I make at least two different pies at Thanksgiving, I love to have a fun kids dessert or Thanksgiving place holders.  I was feeling a little uninspired this year until I found a little short cut.

I had found these cute cupcake wraps at Target in the Dollar Spot. I have never purchased these before but thought they would be fun for the kids table this Thanksgiving.

I had some cupcakes in the freezer so I thought I would play around a little bit and determine which one I wanted to make for Thanksgiving.

I call these short cut Turkey cupcakes because the face is already on the holder and I thought all I really needed was were the Tail Feathers.

I purchased a few item items I thought might work for the tail feathers. Sugar Wafer cookies in assorted colors and fruit slices. I could not find assorted colors of Swedish fish as that would work too I imagine.

I simply frosted the cupcakes with some chocolate frosting and then came up with these two designs. Nothing pin worthy really just a quick and festive way to adorn a cupcake and give the kids alternatives to pumpkin and pecan pie. We will be having guests the night before so I can even serve them the night before!


Which one do you prefer? Also taking any suggestions on how to improve these. After looking at these you could use small plastic cups filled with pudding for the ones with the wafers for even a quicker dessert.

Getting a little goofy Sunday morning and tried to make Turkey Pancakes too!! Might skip that one!!


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