SodaStream Review

We are not a big soda family but I love love sparkling water. I was thrilled to be sent a SodaStream to test out. You should have seen my kids reactions when I opened the box. I wish I had my camera then. If you have not heard of the SodaStream you basically can turn your water at home into sodas and sparkling waters. The idea is that you are saving money and the environment. Not to mention you lugging 2 litter bottles in from the car!

What a great load of samples I was sent. What to try first?

Well the kids and I set up our “soda station” in our wet bar area. We watched the video on how to make soda stream and we were off.

Here was our first flavor, root beer. Well it tasted like root beer but it was flat. Hmm, I pressed the button several times and air came out but just did not do the trick. Was this a bust of a product? Not at all. My friend came over the next day and noticed my SodaStream and asked us if we loved it. When I told her our drinks were flat she immediately gave us a tutorial, she has one at home.
You actually have to press harder and longer than you think to get the Beep which really is not a beep so much as a honk sound that scared me the first time.
From then on we were making sparkling waters and sodas left and right. I love that the flavors traditionally have fewer calories than the store brands.

This was my favorite, it tasted more like a flavored water. The best part you can adjust the flavorings to save on calories and still get the sweetness in a drink.

I am thrilled with my SodaStream and especially because I can make quick Sangria any time. What is this you ask? Ever open a bottle of wine and think wow this is not that great, but it would taste good as sangria? A traditional sangria recipe asks for many ingredients and often to sit for a while for flavors to meld. Not this type, just add some lemon lime soda–which I can not make on a whim with my SodaStream- and cut up fruit to your wine for a quick and refreshing Sangria.

When we were at Target recently my kids found the SodaStream display and were begging for us to get some new flavors. There are over 100, not at Target, but available through SodaStream.  I suggested we wait until we get through our samples, I must admit I am excited to try the lemonades and power drinks.

A final note, I love that I can also use our filtered water to make these drinks. I also wonder how easy it will be to find an exchange location for the carbonators. But each one makes 60 liters of soda so that should be a while. Overall, we really  have been enjoying this environmentally friendly product!


  1. I hope not! I just tried it – it should be working now. Thanks! 🙂

  2. We absolutely love our Soda Stream. I haven’t tried the cranberry raspberry yet though. That looks really good.

  3. I am waiting for SodaStream to go on sale…..

  4. never knew they had that many flavors wow

  5. I keep wanting to review a Soda Stream, but it just hasn’t happened yet. We have almost bought one several times too…I have seen them demonstrated in the store and the last lady told me that you can exchange your carbonators via mail- and Soda Stream pays for you to mail the old one and covers shipping on the new one as well. I also know you can exchange them at Bed, Bath and Beyond. We are not a soda family either, but we do have a lot of parties and many of our family and friends are and we let the kids indulge then as well, so I am hoping we will eventually get a Soda Stream as well. Thanks for the great review! 🙂

  6. I love, love, LOVE our Sodastream!!!

  7. Best Buy is supposed to have the refils and I think I saw them at WalMart the other day…..

  8. Oh! I haven’t tried the cranberry raspberry before. Sounds tasty.

  9. We all but completely stopped drinking pop (sorry, Midwest girl)and then we got the SodaStream… Use it at least 3 times a week! I like that it doesn’t have all that much sugary garbage and I don’t have to lug bottles all over!!
    and that… honking, duck(ish) kind of noise you get to make… <3

  10. I keep seeing these everywhere, I really need to buy one, I feel so left out lol.
    Cranberry Raspberry sounds so refreshing right now.

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