Spruce up your Holiday packages with EZ Start Printed Packaging Tape!

Spruce up your Holiday packages with EZ Start Printed Packaging Tape!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand provided by ShurTech Brands, LLC. All opinions are 100% mine.

Will you be mailing any presents this holiday season? As much as I like to purchase all the presents online and ship directly to my out-of-town gift recipients sometimes that does not work. Also if shipping directly from internet,  none of the gifts are usually wrapped. If you receive a lot of packages over the holidays, how do make sure the folks on the other end know this box is something special not just another Cyber Monday purchase? We like to adorn our brown boxes, we have a lot of them, with Duck Brand® EZ Start Printed Packaging Tape.

ez start tape Turn an ordinary brown mailing box into something more exciting and festive. See how this brown mailing box was turned in a gift that you may not have to wrap as the box says it all. This was hand delivered to Grandma over Thanksgiving. tape Ez Start tape holiday packages Be sure to bring your great holiday selection of Duck Brand® EZ Start® Printed Packaging Tape to the post office with you. After you fill up the USPS boxes with your gifts, add a little bling to the box. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t be excited to receive this box in the mail? EZ Tape packaging from Duck Brand Duck Brand® EZ Start® Printed Packaging Tapeis not just good for closing up the boxes filled with your gifts. Why not cover up the plain plastic pots that the holiday bulb kits come in. You know the ones, Paper white or Amaryllis bulb kits you can find at almost any retailer these days. They make great gifts, but we must admit the plastic pots are pretty boring. paper white pots If you are giving them as a gift, just take out the pot and wrap up the plastic pot with the EZ Start® Printed Packaging Tapeand place it back into the box. The flower needs something pretty to bloom to plus the gift is more appealing to the eye. EZ Start® Printed Packaging Tape is available all year-long in different prints so be sure and pick up a roll or two before you send off your gifts this Holiday season. 

Duck tape ez start Here are some tips on mailing your holiday packages and cards from the postal service. When I dropped off some mail yesterday at the Post Office they had these tips

  • Avoid Monday Mailings
  • Drop off items early in the am
  • Be sure all postage is on your cards

How will you be sending your Holiday packages this year?



  1. let me know if you need some for your alabama package!!

  2. Love your ideal’s, gets you in the spirit of the holiday. I like what you did to the plastic flower pot, it turned out cute. Thank you also for your tips on sending out packages. I will be sure to avoid the rush and double check to make sure I added the postage on the cards.

  3. Really like this super easy way to add some sparkle and Christmas spirit!

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