Stay Hydrated with Raspberry Green Iced Tea

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We are all looking for ways to maintain a good immune system these days.  

It’s warmer out and we all know it is important to stay hydrated. While I am a big water drinker, let’s face it, that can be boring. I often need a little boost mid-day especially after being outside on a hot day. This is when I would enjoy a nice glass of cold Green iced tea but worry about the caffeine in the middle of the day.


I am one of those people that can not drink caffeine after noon or I am up all night. In order to encourage hydration during the summer and mix things up from always drinking water, we have created this yummy Raspberry Green Iced Tea.



It not only has the benefits of green tea but with the addition of a pack of Raspberry Emergen-C  you get 7 B vitamins that enhance energy naturally without caffeine and more Vitamin C than 10 oranges.


Raspberry Green Iced Tea recipe

Raspberry Green Iced Tea

Summer is a great time to make sun tea and since we are already big green tea drinkers, we decided to enhance the green tea with the flavor and benefits of Emergen-C. I drink Emergen-C daily during the cold and flu season so why not continue the benefits during the summer?


To make the perfect iced tea you will need a clear container plus 1 decaffeinated green teabag per cup of green tea you plan on making, and most importantly a sunny day!


Sun-tea Raspberry Green Iced Tea recipe

Put the cold water in the container as well as the tea bags and set it in the sun for 4 hours. This will heat up the water and allow the tea to steep naturally.

After 4 hours take out the tea bags and place the container in the fridge until you are ready to serve. 



How to Make Raspberry Green Iced Tea

For the yummy Raspberry Green Iced Tea, dissolve one packet of the Raspberry Emergen-C into 6 ounces of the green tea, stir until it is dissolved completely, and add plenty of ice and a few berries if you wish.

Raspberry Green Iced Tea recipe


Serve and drink up. 


Raspberry Green Iced Tea recipe


This is going to be so welcoming after a summer tennis match. The kids can enjoy some as well since there is no caffeine and they need to replace electrolytes after playing outdoors in the heat. 


Raspberry Green Iced Tea recipe



What flavor Emergen-C Tea would you enjoy in your iced tea? 

Raspberry Green Iced Tea recipe

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