STEAM Toys for Kids 7 to 10 Years Old

STEAM Toys for Kids 7 to 10 Years Old

Toymaker “Tech Will Save Us” sent us some of their tech toys for the kids to test out.  All opinions are our own. Written by Julie S. 

Looking to occupy your kids this summer while having them learn as well?  Here are STEAM Toys for Kids 7 to 10 Years Old that will fit that bill.

 I had to hide them from my children – ages 3, 6, 8 and 9 – because they were SO excited to try them the instant they arrived.  The packaging alone is brightly colored and the names of the toys got them very jazzed:  “Creative Coder Kit”, “Sew + Glow Kit,” and “Light Racer Kit.”

“Creative Coder Kit” ($59.99)

My nine-year-old daughter is really into both art AND technology.  These kits seem to strike both her passions!  She jumped into this coding exercise:  first, you have to snap the pieces of the “device” together which somewhat resembles a bulky watch.  You do have to download software at their web site.


STEAM Toys for Kids

This toy will enable your child to “code” different actions onto the device like blinking, lighting up and wiggling.  Even my three-year-old son was found wearing the device around his ankle later that day.  The younger kids (6 and 3) seemed to really love all the lights and blinking colors of the device.

“Sew + Glow Kit” ($24.99)

As a mom, I always appreciate a toy that teaches.  The cool thing about the “Sew + Glow” kit is it reviews circuits and how they work.  At the same time, my daughters who LOVE to sew were thrilled to pick a “heart emoji” badge to attempt to create and light up.  It comes complete with a circuit board badge and Electro “conductive” thread.  Electricity can flow through this thread as if it’s a wire.  So neat!

STEAM toys for Girls

Once you log-on to, it gives you step-by-step instructions (complete with animation) so the kids can toggle back & forth through the project at their own speed.  We did encounter some problems with the circuit.  I thought it was a great lesson that you don’t always get things right the first time and have to troubleshoot until you can fix it.  For any child who enjoys sewing and loves the extra element of seeing it light up, this is a great toy idea.  Would be a great “wow factor” for backpacks on the first day of school!

“Light Racer Kit” ($24.99)

This kit probably got the biggest “ohs and ahs” from my oldest kids.  There’s something about adorning a bike with an extra flair that has always made kids happy!  This was also an easy project that my nine-year-old daughter was excited to attempt on her own.

STEAM toys for Girls

Again, there were step-by-step instructions (complete with animation) on their and she was thrilled when the device lit up once she’d hooked up everything.  The final step was hooking it up to her bike so it lights up whenever she rides it.  This toy teaches kids about how simple components could come together to seize electricity through the air.  


STEAM toys for Girls

From a mom’s perspective, here’s what I like about these “Tech Will Save Us” kits:

  • They have a thrill factor:  they just seem new and cool!
  • Their web site instructions are very clear with helpful animation!
  • Kids can attempt these on their own!
  • The kits teach them to follows steps.
  • The kits keep them busy for a good hour+ 
  • The toys teach science and technology and keep it very simple.  STEAM anyone?!
  • The toys are for kids who are interested in technology and how it works, are good at using a computer AND enjoy creating things.
  • The prices are reasonable which would make them great, UNIQUE birthday and/or holiday presents!
“Technology threads through every aspect of our lives. Yet most people know very little about how it works, how it is made or how to fix it when it breaks. Bethany Koby and Daniel Hirschmann founded Tech Will Save Us in 2012 on this radical premise: what if kids could build the technology they use, and learn more about it in the process? Tech Will Save Us’s range of hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) play experiences make technology learning fun & accessible for
kids of all ages.
You can find their award-winning kits in over 97 countries and more than 2000 stores globally. And online at www.techwillsaveus.comABOUT 

Creative Coder Kit, Ages 8+ $59.99

Light Racer Kit, Ages 8+, $24.99

Sew + Glow Kit, Ages 8+, $24.99


~ Julie 




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