Stockings are Not Just for the Mantel.



copycat Halloween Mantel


I apologize if you got here on a Pin for a Halloween Mantel idea.  I am working on figuring out how to change the URL on Pinterest but no luck so far. You can find the Halloween Mantel Tutorial Here

If you are here for the Stocking post, I will be updating this in 2019 as well.  



I was in line at Crate and Barrel last year and browsed over to the “impulse buy” section near the registers. They had the cutest mittens stuffed with chocolate covered pretzels.

If you have not figured out yet, I did not want to spend $10 on something that we could probably make for less, considering I needed to make 6 of them for teachers gifts.
So when this holiday season rolled around I thought I would have to go to the Dollar store for a cheesy felt stocking. To my surprise Michael had a large variety of stockings for under $1. If you have a coupon you can really get these for a steal.

The kids and I made chocolate covered pretzels with minimal decoration. This time I melted slightly in the microwave then continued over a double boiler. I brought the double boiler onto the counter and the chocolate stayed perfect. I might try my crock pot next time, anyone ever done that.



Wrapped four of them them up in pretzel bags with a bow and put them in the stockings.
I would be happy to get a sweet treat like this.

The best part is that the stockings are large enough for the pretzels and a gift card, or Key Fobs, if you want to add a little something.
Not interested in making a sweet treat, pick some up for a cute place holder of your silverware.
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