No Sew Halloween Mantel Decor

Looking for no Sew Halloween Decorations ideas for mantel decor this Halloween? Sometimes I am not completely original and find an idea in a catalog and know I can make something similar.

I was browsing the GardinRoad Catalog a few weeks ago and pulled out the picture of a decorated Halloween Mantel and set out to replicate it for a lot less money.

I say no-sew but there are a few straight lines that I made with our machine. You could probably just glue them together with strong fabric glue if you really do not want to sew these DIY Halloween decorating mantel ideas.   

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No Sew Halloween Mantel Decor

Unlike the photo in the catalog, my mantle is not open on all three sides, as it lays inside two walls, making this project a little easier. I went to a fabric store and bought 4 different Halloween themed fabrics in 1/3 of a yard.

This will depend on how wide you want your banners and how many designs. I also purchased enough iron-on backing or stabilizer to cover all the fabric.


No Sew Halloween Mantel Decor No Sew Halloween Decorations for the Mantel



Iron on the stabilizer to the wrong side of all the Halloween themed fabric. Simply follow the directions to the particular product you brought home.

How to make No Sew Halloween Mantel Decor

Make a pattern out of cardboard, I drew my free hand and then went to measure the mantle. You may want to decide on how many pieces you want and how many patterns and do the math to make each flag the correct size.

(Length is also up to you) However, you do not want to use the entire length of fabric as the very top will be used to hold up the banner onto the mantel.

No Sew Halloween Decorations for the Mantel

Cut out each “flag”  but do not cut the top of the pattern, allow for more fabric by cutting up to the top of the pattern.


Using a large floor space, lay them onto your floor so they just slightly overlap at the top. Using straight pins to keep them in place.

No Sew Halloween Decorations for the Mantel

Since I ended up with a lot of fabric “flags” leftover in a smaller size I decided to add an additional row of fabric to the back. Secure them as well with straight pins.

No Sew Halloween Decorations for the Mantel

If you are using glue just add the glue to all intersecting parts and allow to dry before moving. I used my sewing machine and just made 2 straight lines across the entire length of the banner, doubling back when it intersecting another piece. 

I think the going the no sew route for these Halloween decorations would work too.


Place on your mantel and use any other Halloween Decorations to hold the banner onto the mantel. I used some old books that I will later cover with scarey titles but you get the idea.

I may sew a piece of felt over the top edge so I don’t need as much to hold up the mantle but for now, it works just fine.

No Sew Halloween Decorations for the Mantel

You can easily make one of these for each holiday as the fabric and backing only cost me $11 instead of $49 in the catalog. Find out how I made the BOO sign here!

No Sew Halloween Decorations for the Mantel

I can’t wait to see what patterns you come up with for your Halloween Mantel Decor.

copycat Halloween Mantel

How would you make this no sew Halloween Decorations differently?


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