Duck Tape Crafts For Halloween

 Who knew Duck Tape crafts could be so fun. My kids have always ask for some but never really caved in. Well I just got 4 rolls of Halloween Duck Tape®and now I am addicted. I have already made 4 Duck Tape Crafts for Halloween. I better not get near the dog, I really can’t make her a Halloween costume out of Duck Tape® that won’t take off her fur. From wickedly wonderful witches hats to carefully crafted trick-or-treat bags, Duck Tape® makes the perfect tool to add a bit of fanciful flair to your Halloween creations. Cover fabric to fashion easy Halloween costumes, or pick up a few rolls to add some spooky sophistication to centerpieces, placemats and other home décor items.


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Here are some of the fun Duck Tape Crafts for Halloween Crafts I came up with using Duck Tape® .
First I went with a candy bowl. I found this plastic one 1/2 off  only a $1 from the summer selection but I am pretty sure you can find one at the dollar store too. Such an easy and first step into doing Duck Tape Crafts. 
Next I went with a traditional item, an inexpensive wooden frame. Thought these would make a fun classroom Halloween craft activity.  Now that I have done this once I will definitely invest in a better quality frame that I can safely store my pictures.

More Duck Tape Crafts For Halloween

Had some old cups that no longer had tops so I turned them into a festive vase..
No need to throw these away, you can now store them in the Halloween container in the attic until next year. duck tape craft
Finally I needed a new centerpiece and found some paper mache witch hats but they were over $6. I found a paper mache cone for a little over a dollar and just cut out the brim from cardboard I already had around the house.
I covered everything in Duck Tape and added some inexpensive adornments from the craft shop. You could even make the BRIM larger and use it a serving tray!! ((OHH NEXT PROJECT)
halloween crafts
Now it is your turn to Scare Up Some Cash
Less messy than carving, Duck Tape® is also ideal for perfecting indoor and outdoor pumpkin displays. This Halloween, have a frighteningly fun time – and possibly win some cash – in the Duck® brand Stick or Treat® Jack-O-Lantern Contest. The Stick or Treat® Contest dares you to decorate your own unique real or artificial pumpkin using the spellbinding special palette of Duck Tape®colors and designs for a chance to win a seriously sweet treat: a $1,000 cash grand prize. Whether it’s a classically spooky Jack-O-Lantern or a Halloween-inspired monster all your own, the decorating possibilities are endless.
witch hat duck tape
 With tricks and treats from Duck Tape®, your Halloween is sure to be so fun, it’s scary! To find more Halloween inspiration, go to For inspiration or to share your Duck Tape® creation, visit

Which Duck Tape Craft would you make for Halloween?

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  1. I was walking through Michaels the other day and saw a bin of different, wonderfully coloured Duck Tape and couldn’t resist buying a couple rolls. My only problem was that I didn’t know what to do with them! Thanks for these ideas, I’ll definitely be trying them out!

  2. Such great ideas