DIY Christmas Trees Holiday Duck Tape Crafts

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand provided by ShurTech Brands, LLC. All opinions are 100% mine.

Who would think that my new DIY craft obsession would involve Duck Brand® products. It started over Halloween and I could not stop making crafts out of Halloween Themed  Duck Brand®  Duck tape. Be sure to check out the fun and easy Holiday Duck Tape crafts. Well guess what showed up at my door right before Thanksgiving? You got it ,rolls and rolls of New Holiday themed Duck Brand® tape in such cute designs. Now how will I Duck the Halls?

Holiday duck tape

I did some searching on Pinterest for  Duck Brand® crafts, trying to get some inspiration. I also browsed our Duck Tape craft Book.  A lot of the projects involve making sheets of  Duck Brand® Duck Tape, while super cute, this time of year I am super swamped and just could not imagine doing that. However, I did have a styrofoam cone I had purchased to make a Christmas Tree out of paper liners. Since I had not started that project yet, guess what took over… duck tape trees

This project could not be simpler and more importantly I think super cute. I saw some DIY Christmas Trees made out of  Duck Brand®  duck tape on Pinterest, but I could not decide between which tape to use. What you need:

  • Duck Brand® holiday Themed Tape
  • Styrofoam cylinder or you could use paper too
  • Scissors

DUck tape christmas tree

  1. Start by making 3 inch strips of tape, I found my counter to be a great work station. 
  2. Fold the tape pieces 3/4 up. 
  3. Cut them in half and just rip to separate. It took me a while to realize they will rip in a straight line once you cut them. This saved a lot of time with scissors.
  4. Layer one color at a time around the foam tree
  5. I made a bow tie for the top but you can top this with anything

Duck tape crafts

Told you this was super simple.

duck tape crafts tree

Which Duck Brand® Holiday tape do you like the best? How will you Duck the Halls?


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  1. 🙂

  2. That is a really adorable craft. And, how unique! I love duck tape!

  3. This cute little tree would be so much fun to make with the kiddos. Thanks for sharing at the Home for the Holidays Link Party.

  4. YOu can make ones that are not as “christmas” like and have them out all winter…

  5. HEidi
    Yes they can be so colorful around the house or even as gifts.

  6. My youngest is asking for a wallet, might have to try that. Do you know where to find the directions?

  7. It really took about 30 minutes for me but it can turn into a longer project for kids. You can make a bigger cone too:)

  8. Jamie
    I would love to see his back pack what a creative young man.

  9. I did not realize all the great designs until recently. THis has really taken off

  10. This is perfect to keep all the kids occupied! I have to look for some of these designs next time I go to the store.

  11. I thought I was looking at something my son made!! ha/ha He’s a duct tape guru and made his school backpack out of duct tape – crazy!! Love the post!

  12. So many fun patterns, not sure when Duck tape added so many but they are hard to resist whenever i sspot them…

  13. My 14 year loves duck tape and his friend made him a wallet. I will show him this, maybe he will make it.

  14. Such a cute idea! My kiddos aren’t into the duck tape crazy yet. Might have to try these on winter break. thanks!