Super Easy Strawberry Shortcake Recipe – Any fruit works

I had to share this amazingly easy strawberry shortcake recipe inspired from July’s issue of All You Magazine.  This recipe proved to be an incredibly easy and versatile strawberry short cake recipe that feeds 24 or 12 if your guests can not eat just one! This is really  just a process more than a recipe, as you can change so many things about it to fit your tastes. Make this a family event  as I am sure the kids will have fun making it with you. I had a family friend with me in the kitchen and I think she enjoyed the ease of this shortcake recipe. 


No need to measure flour and butter for a traditional shortcake recipe. Start off with a cake box mix. We used yellow cake for a traditional shortcake look but will try chocolate cake next time. Make the recipe according to the cupcake directions on the box. ( you don’t have to use cupcake wrappers but at the beach house we rented they did not have cupcake pans so I used foil containers that stand on their own.

All You magazine did not use fresh fruit in their version but since there are berries available everywhere I could not resist. While the cupcakes are baking, cut up your fruit and add some sugar to allow to macerate until serving.. If I was not serving 6 kids I may have macerated the strawberries in some balsamic vinegar for a different and more sophisticated taste. 


Once the cupcakes cool completely, cut them in half using a serrated knife. Spread 1 to 2 tablespoons of strawberry jam, or any complimentary  fruit flavor, on each side of the cupcake. I can totally imagine this recipe changed to chocolate cake with peach or raspberry preserves and fresh fruit. My mouth is salivating already.

Top with some whipped cream, I used Cool whip, top with your macerated fruit, the top of the cupcake and a little more whipped cream and fruit. That was super easy.

What do you not love about this strawberry shortcake recipe? Easy, simple and flavorful. If you don’t have crowd to feed, bake the entire recipe and just freeze the other cupcakes for another occasion. 


What fruit and cake combo would you like to try besides a traditional Strawberry shortcake?


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  1. i love strawberry shortcake! this version sounds delicious!