Switchers Remorse– The 80’s Perm

When I was offered this campaign about switchers remorse, I happened to be visiting my childhood home and pictures of my 80’s perm, that I begged for, were all around the house. I remember begging my mom my senior year of high school to get a perm. Little did I know this perm would last me until my freshman year of college.


When I arrived at Vanderbilt for freshman orientation, most of the girls had long straight hair. Here I was a midwesterner with big hair in the late 80’s. That was normal right? Why did I try so hard to convince my mom to allow me that final perm? Not that I was a conformist but boy did I stand out and feel uncomfortable. Looking back at all the dance pictures from high school I fit right in. Well not so much in the South.


Unlike many other remorseful decisions, hair is an easy one to switch. Just let it grow. If you have ever had to grow out bangs, for example, you have a few awkward months waiting for your bangs to catch up to the rest of the hair length.

While writing this my daughter suggested my pixie cut I did before studying abroad in Europe was my most remorseful haircut!! Really it was easy to deal with while traveling Europe but I guess maybe I kept it a few too many years.


However, now I pretty much have had the same haircut for 15 years just varying in lengths. So have I conformed? Am I just scared to try something new? Have the bad haircuts of my past haunted me to try anything different? Am I afraid to have switchers remorse once again?

Have you ever had switchers remorse?

This is a paid post for Verizon’s #SwitchersRemorse campaign. If you switched away from Verizon and are regretting it, don’t worry. They’re making it easy for customers to come back. For more information head over to your local Verizon store.

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