Taco Tuesday Just Got Easier with Old El Paso


Taco Tuesday is the easiest dinner in our house. While it does not always fall on a Tuesday there is some type of Tex Mex Dish is made weekly. Tacos are a super easy go to and we have a huge container of Old El Paso Taco Seasoning in our cabinet. We always have a stash of corn and flour tortillas in the fridge, I think you know where I am going with this.


However, when I want to mix Taco Tuesday up because we are getting a little tired of Tacos, a little more thought needs to go into the meal planning. Well, you would not believe what I found in the freezer section, Old El Paso Entrees. 


My husband was especially skeptical about this new product. I decided to try the fajitas, in both chicken and beef varieties. This is something I don’t usually make at home very often but love ordering it out at Mexican Restaurants.


Each bag serves 2 people. When I dumped it out into their pans, one non-stick per the directions and the other just a pan coated with non-stick spray, I thought this could serve more than 2 people.

When the ingredients were heated in the pan and defrosted, the volume came down significantly, glad I made 2 bags. In the 12 minutes you are heating up the fajita mixture, heat some tortillas in the oven, (you must buy this separately)


This looks amazing and homemade too. The flavoring was not overwhelming and there was a great balance of both meat and veggies. Too often you get a frozen entrée like this and it is heavy on the veggies and less on the meat.

We had some left over, but my husband was out-of-town for this meal. It would have been gone if he was around. I might have the extra on a salad for lunch.


Let Old El Paso do your cooking next Taco Tuesday. You can pick from quesadilla, burritos and enchiladas. I will definitely be going back, just be sure to check the serving size, most entrees serve 2.

 Which Old El Paso Frozen Entree would you like to try on Taco Tuesday?

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  1. We love tacos. Old El Paso certainly makes it an easier and quicker meal!

  2. Yum, these look great! We love Old El Paso tacos, I set up the counter with all the toppings, it’s a fun night! 🙂

  3. Old El Paso makes some great stuff, I just wish their frozen meals didn’t have so much sodium. I have a sensitivity and it really makes me bloat. They do make a steak quesadilla that my husband and I will splurge on sometimes. Very yummy!

  4. I’d like to try the Chicken Fajitas…that is one of my favorite Mexican meat-related dish. Seeing that sour cream makes me want some right now.

  5. The Old El Paso meals are really good! we had the steak Fajita one for dinner last night and it was really good! Easy to make too! I like your taco Tuesday night idea!

  6. Thanks Jennifer, I was super impressed and surprised my self.

  7. I know they look like they do at the mexican restaurants.

  8. What a great dinner idea that would be so easy to make.

  9. Your picture looks great. The fajitas really do look homemade, I may have to try this.

  10. I love the idea of this, although I have sensitivity to green peppers. 🙁 I wish it was just the seasoned chicken strips.