Teacher Appreciation Gifts under $5–Day 1

Next week marks Teacher Appreciation week and many of us would like to thank our teachers but not break the bank doing so. Plus with the school year ending we will be donating to a class gift.

I was roaming around Pinterest this week and found some great ideas that will keep you within budget. How do I know, well I went out shopping for some supplies and made them myself!!

The pencil vase is nothing new and many people have pinned their version. Well I would like to share where you can get these items this week to make it for your teacher by next week. Takes less than 30 minutes once you gather supplies.
I purchased 24 pack of pencils at Target for $1.12 each. (you will need two if you are making all one color)  I purchased a pack of 12 colored pencils at the dollar store for $1. 
 If you have a empty jar in the right size that is free or you can purchase a vase at the dollar store. I purchased a straight sided drinking glass from the dollar store. Grand total: $3.12. I had the glue sticks and ribbon so I did not count that in my budget but you should be able to get under $5 easily.

Here is how I made it…

I first used a rubber band to determine how many pencils I needed and to make my design if you are using different colors.



Then use a glue gun to attach the pencils. Work quickly as the glue dries quickly.

Once attached, add a ribbon for design. I first glued the ribbon around the pencils then added the bow, per my daughter’s suggestion.



Since I am the room mom, I will send out a email asking folks if they have flowers in their garden to bring one in to make an arrangement for the teacher!

Stay tuned for my another idea tomorrow.

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  1. very cute! I have done some teaching in the past, and penciles are very useful!!!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS IDEA! Pretty inexpensive and simple! I think you’ve inspired me to try it!!!

  3. I hadn’t seen this before! What a fabulous yet in expensive gift to show your appreciation! Definitely a must try 😀

  4. What a great idea! Super cute!