Teen Road Trip Survival Box

Spring break is quickly approaching which may mean you are preparing to pack up the kids and take a road trip. Maybe you are headed to a local ski resort, or maybe a grandparent’s home —either way, we know how much teens like to be on their phones.

Since we don’t have a car equipped with Wi-Fi, nor an unlimited data plan, I decided to create a road trip survival box geared toward teens who don’t often take their eyes off their phones.

The intention is to Give Extra & Get Extra interaction from our teens.

This teen busy box was inspired by these fun New Extra® 35-stick packs. Be sure to check for deals on the Target Cartwheel app. I know I never want to run out of gum on a road trip! Don’t forget to pack a cooler full of drinks for everyone. 

Teen Road Trip Survival Box

Teen car trip games road trip survival kit

All of the things we used for our teen road trip survival box can be found at Target, including the New Extra® 35-stick pack that was easy to find in the checkout line.

You will also want to pick up a portable project/document case, this Free Road Trip Game Printable, license Plate Game printable, Paper protectors, and various supplies to keep your teen happy.


How to Set up Your Teen Road Trip Survival Box

car trip box

I first cut the binder holes off the page protector. 

liscense plate game Teen Road Trip Survival box

I tried a few things to get the plastic paper protectors to work. I will tell you right now, neither Modge Podge nor Loctite worked.

modge lodge doesn't work road trip survival

Luckily, I had some Heavy Duty Glue that I used to adhere glass on glass to make Inexpensive Glass Candle Holders that worked great. I also decided to use some decorative tape just in case.

busy box road trip survival


Leave about an inch of space near the opening of your paper protectors to give it the flexibility needed to change out the road trip games if you wish to create more like this. You can find a free tic-tac-toe Printable here.

game games kit

Fill the inside of your case with all the necessities. Be sure to include a dry erase marker to play the licensed game.

Teen Busy Box for Road Trips

road trip survival box


Now let the fun begin. Your kids will be forced to look out the window and look at the license plates. You can also have them write down state abbreviations or capitals.


road trip survival kit


I love the new New Extra® 35-stick packs, as they provide more gum than a regular pack. With 35 pieces, you will certainly not run out on a long road trip.


extra gum 35 stick pack

Plus, it comes in a durable, recycled packaging that you can use later to fill with cards, or even crayons, for this road trip busy box.


Extra 35 stick pack road trip survival box

Right now this larger size Extra® Gum packaging is only available in Extra® Gum Spearmint and Extra® Gum Polar Ice®. 


road trip games road trip survival

Avoid having your kids complain about the lack of Wi-Fi and how they can’t check their social media accounts for the whole way to your destination. Instead, equip them with the necessities to keep them busy. Perhaps the best part? Their mouths will be busy chewing instead of arguing!


What would you add to the Teen Car Trip Survival Box using Extra Gum?

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  1. I definitely have to try this. The printout for the license plate game is great! My boys are a little younger, and we take road trips, so I am going to have make a version like this for them too. Thanks for the great idea.

  2. That is a great one, it could help wipe off the work sheets too.

  3. This looks so great, I have a few road trip planned with two teens and a tot, so all ideas are gratefully received! Kaz

  4. What a great idea! We love road trips and this would be so handy for everyone. Once thing I might add are wetnaps – seems we always have sticky hands! #client

  5. This is the perfect survival kit. My son will be thirteen this year and I always try to keep him happy during long road trips.

  6. These are a must for us when we travel. I loved to read in the car when I was in my teens.

  7. I would add those little packets of water flavoring things. That way you can spice up the water without having to stop

  8. What a great idea. I am hoping to do some more road trips as the kids get older. This will be something I need to create soon.

  9. I bet our 9 yr old grand would like this! Great idea. PS, The left side of the post section is cut off from my view by the left ad spaces.

  10. LOVE the survival box, and not sure if there’s anything else I’d add to it. It looks like it has all the fun and necessities included. The gum is a must for us as Kit gets car sick otherwise.

  11. I need one of these for ME!! LOL!! Just kidding. I would love to make a Canadian version for this for my little guys. My “tween” would be all over something like this and it would keep him out of my hair that’s for sure!

  12. I really like the idea of having the changeable game on the top of the case. And that’s my favorite kind of gum, so it’s a must!

  13. Great ideas! My preteen would love this box too… heck on a long car trip I’d love it!

  14. Exactly but with technology now they get so bored.

  15. I may need some of the ideas. I have a teen and two slightly younger driving with me to Florida next month. Need to plan.

  16. Cards are a must!

  17. This is such a great idea for a road trip!!! I love that it is all in a container like this!

  18. As a teen, I just liked to read in the car during trips. I also liked to listen to music and look outside.

  19. Such a cute idea!! I love the dry erase map idea. My boys are little and would still love this. And yes, it’s totally hard to believe that spring break is almost here. Crazy!