Awesome Teenage Gift Ideas and Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Awesome Teenage Gift Ideas and Teacher Appreciation Gifts
This post about Awesome teenage gift ideas and teacher appreciation gifts  is brought to you from Vanilla Visa Gift Cards. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Having a teenage nephews and a teenage daughter requires trying to figure out what to give them for birthdays, holidays, graduations and friends birthdays. If you ask most teens they are going to say they want cash!! Well I never have cash on hand or only have 20 dollar bills from  an ATM. So I have started to make fun gift baskets of teen themed items and adding a Vanilla Gift Card so they can buy something they really want. 

Awesome Teenage Gift Ideas and Teacher Appreciation Gifts


For a teenage girl I threw in some bright nail polish, hair ties, and lip balm. Of course the big prize is the birthday themed Vanilla Visa Card they can use on one of their many shopping trips.


We added a fun chalkboard tag. Simply buy a wooden shape, paint it with chalk board paint then hot glue onto a clothes pin.



So next time you need to buy a teacher appreciation gift or even a graduation gift find a fun themed Vanilla Visa Gift Card. They have so many different covers that will be perfect gift for any occasion. Vanilla Gift is a gift card, accepted anywhere Visa is, with denominations up to $500. They come in numerous themes and designs, are available at retailers nationwide and come ready to use immediately. 

Another reason I like to give Vanilla Visa Cards is that you can easily check the balance on their website. 

We would love to hear your types of Teenage gifts ideas!


  1. A gift card is always appreciated with a teen or teacher because they can always go get what they want with it. A gift card to a restaurant would be great for a teacher, and a gift card to a coffee shop is great for a teen!

  2. Love this! The yellow pail and the chalkboard flower are too cute!

  3. I’ve always thought pre-teen and teenage girls are the most fun to buy for. I usually get nail polish, appropriate make-up, and other beauty and hair items. I’ll put everything in a make-up bag with a $20 Forever 21 gift card. Although, I like this pail idea too. So cute!

  4. Those are super cute! I have a teenage niece that would love something like that. I’m pinning, so I can remember around her birthday!

  5. Oh what a neat idea! My niece would love this! She has a birthday coming up too! What a great idea for the teenagers!

  6. As the mother of 2 teen daughters, I know this would be a much appreciated gift. They love to have something to open, like the polish and hair ties, and love being able to be independent with the gift card.

  7. This is a really great idea! I know my daughter would have loved a gift like this when she was younger. Who am I kidding, she would still love it and so would I!

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