The Perfect Gourmet Burger from Kroger

The Perfect Gourmet Burger from Kroger


We recently went to a “gourmet” burger shop in our town. We left with a $70 bill for a family of 5. Really these are burgers not steaks. Although they were good, I was now determined to create the perfect gourmet burger at home using products from our grocery store, Kroger. These would be perfect for your Fourth Of July BBQ!

Best gourmet burgers gourmet burgers

Having been provided coupons for Kroger’s Private Selection products I set out to find the best ingredients, at a value. I had a burger in mind too! I am a big fan of sweet and savory and was craving a little blue cheese and sweet berries. Here is what I brought home to create for our gourmet burger night:

best burgers

All gourmet burgers don’t have plain old buns, so I grabbed a loaf of Private Selection Gourmet Breads and cut it into 5 “buns” . This was a little bready, even for my carbo junkie tween!

I flavored the Angus beef, a little higher in fat than I am used to  but that is what gives it all the flavor. A hamburger is all about flavor and toppings. I added a few tablespoons of the peppercorn rub.

My husband built the perfect gourmet burgers and I suggested he shape them in more of a rectangle to fit my rolls. He came up with adding a little sweetness and drizzled some maple syrup on each hamburger before heading to the grill.

best burger

We grilled some sweet onion as well. After adding some mixed berry private Selection Jam on the roll, here is the final product.


For the fraction of the bill, we now have created a “gourmet” version of the burger at home.

best burger



What is your favorite burger condiment?


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