Three Places Fleas and Ticks Live That you Least Expect

If you have a pet or family member that spends anytime outside, then you need to consider Three Places Fleas and Ticks Live That you Least Expect.  The news says that this will be a bad year for ticks so how can you protect your fur babies from these pests? (This post was updated since it was originally posted in 2014)

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A few weeks ago I wrote about how important flea and ticks protection was for both your family and your pets. Today I am going to share the three places fleas and ticks are most prevalent and where to look out for them.

Three Places Fleas and Ticks Live That you Least Expect


Both fleas and ticks flourish in warm climates. The ideal temperature for these parasites is within the 70 to 85-degree range, but they can live in cooler and warmer temperatures as well. This means we are all pretty much in flea and tick season right now.


Ticks and fleas require a high humidity level, ideally around 70 percent. Perfect conditions here in Central Va. Be grateful if you live somewhere without much humidity.

Woods, Grass, and Brush

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We have a wooded area in our back yard which is a hosting ground for ticks. Ticks generally live in the woods, where they can easily find warm-blooded hosts like rabbits, squirrels, and deer. Fleas tend to like dark spaces around homes, like the crawl space or under bushes.

Suburban and rural areas are quite comfortable for both fleas and ticks — you could easily catch fleas in a dog park, and ticks can be present in gardens if there are deer around.  They love the shaded areas of your home so keep grasses cut short.

So what can you do to help prevent fleas and ticks on your pets?

We have our backyard sprayed for mosquitoes and ticks but my cat has full reign of the woods. I have been using the Seresto Collar on her for 3 weeks now and so far so good. She is an outdoor cat so she is always in the path of fleas and ticks.

I love the collar because it also has reflectors which I love when she is roaming around at dusk. She has never really worn a collar before and she seems unphased by it which will help all of us in the long run.



where ticks hideDo you live in a climate that is a Flea and Tick haven?

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  1. That is great information. I have to share with my daughter who has 2 cats.