The 411 On Buying a New Fridge Freezer

Our Freezer in the Basement came with the house and it use it a lot. It has been freezing over and I dread having to purchase a new one. If you’re a regular follower of this blog, you’ll know that my fridge freezer is one of the most well-loved, and much-used appliances in my kitchen. I’ve written about the process of cleaning your fridge, I’ve written about using it to store leftovers and using it as a way to make certain delicious foods and treats. But when your beloved fridge freezer starts to break down, what do you need to look for in a new one? Here is my ultimate guide to buying a new fridge freezer.


Measure Your Kitchen Space
Yes, it is tempting to go window shopping and look at the fridge freezers within your budget, but you must, must, must measure the height, depth and width of your kitchen space first. You want to buy a fridge freezer that’s suitable for your individual kitchen, otherwise you may encounter problems later on.

So, be patient, use your tape measure and see what space you have to work with. Also, the best piece of advice I got when looking for a new fridge freezer was to measure the space twice, just to make sure that no mistakes are made, which was really very helpful!

Buy New or Second Hand?
Buying a new fridge freezer can cost a lot of money, but the second hand market the kitchen appliances is thriving, and lots of people choose this option to save a few bucks and it can also be better for the environment. Remember, thrift is the new bling!
If you choose to buy second hand white goods, go to a reputable retailer, as they will have a guarantee in place to protect your consumer rights. This means that if anything goes wrong with the item within a certain time frame, which means they will either have to replace it, or give you your money back. Remember: know your rights before you buy.

Buy Online or In Store?
Lots of people choose to buy appliances online, especially as many online retailers offer discounts and sales on must-have items for the home. You will save money and time buying your new fridge freezer online, but make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for and have the dimensions of your kitchen space to hand for a simple transaction.

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