Tips to Prevent Dry Skin in the Winter

This post brought to you by Vaseline. The content and opinions expressed below are that of close to home.

I just got back from a weekend trip and came home to find my skin super dry. Sleeping in a hotel room with no control over the humidity and enjoying a longer hot shower with not any child needing my attention are true culprits. Luckily I also found a package from  Vaseline with products to prevent dry skin in the winter. Winter is the start of dry skin and chapped lips in our home and here are some tips to prevent Dry Skin in the winter. I took a 5 day challenge and sharing the results with you as well.

  • USE A HUMIDIFIER: Dry air in the indoors can be reduced by using a humidifier and turning down the thermostat in winter. Humidifiers return moisture to dry air and may help relieve dry skin. Because heating also dries out air, keeping rooms at a cooler temperature helps maintain the humidity of indoor environments.
  • Take only brief, lukewarm baths to moisten and soothe dry skin. Showers are about twice as drying for the skin as baths, and hot water is much more drying than warm or cool water. Soaking briefly — 20 minutes at most — in a tepid bath can moisten dry skin and relieve itching.
  • Use soap sparingly, and try switching to a milder soap or a soap substitute. 
  • Keep you body moist by after baths. Dry the skin by patting it gently with a soft towel. Also, leave the skin slightly damp.
  • Use a moisturizing lotion like Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion Fragrance Free right after you bathe and throughout the day. Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion goes beyond basic moisturization to deeply moisturize and heal dry skin, containing a special blend of humectants and healing micro- droplets of Vaseline Jelly. The Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Lotion is clinically proven to heal dry skin in 5 days. and keep skin healed for 3 weeks.


So now to see how effective Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion works I took the 5 day challenge. Here is the skin test on Day one.


SURVEY SAYS: (Definitely dry skin)


Here it is on Day 5.
I kept the lotion in my kitchen and used it several times a day, especially after doing dishes. It goes on evenly and does not leave a slimy residue like some dry skin products. I can welcome to cooler temperatures of winter knowing my skin will be protected with these tips to prevent dry skin and my frequent use of Vaseline Intensive Lotion Fragrance Free.


  1. These are great tips! My skin gets really dry this time of year and I’m constantly putting on lotion.

  2. Great tips to help me prevent winter skin! I like the New Vaseline Intensive care lotion that is fragrance free. I have a lot of Vaseline products but not this one. I will have to try it out.

  3. This looks like it worked really well for you. I’ll have to try it out!

  4. Oh cool tips. I agree, the milder the soap the better.

  5. Awesome tips. it’s so important to keep using moisturizer during the winter months.

  6. These are really great tips. I have to keep lotion right by the sink and always use it after doing dishes.

  7. I live in the desert and deal with this all year round. I use a lot of good lotions and don”t wash my hands that often. Good advice here.

  8. These are some great tips. Thanks for sharing them. My skin seems to suffer a lot during the winter months.

  9. Vaseline is an awesome way of keeping moist all year long.

  10. I need to get a humidifier. I’m already using lotion multiple times a day. Boy do I hate winter and the dry skin that comes with it.

  11. Awesome tips, I love adding some drops of essential oils to my lotion to help my dry skin. It is very soothing and works wonders for me.

  12. What can i use besides a soap substitute? ow about body washes or gels?

  13. Thanks for these tips. My skin always seems to dry out during the winter.

  14. My skin is so dry this time of year. This would be good.

  15. My skin always gets dry in the winter, and Vaseline definitely helps. I’m sorry, I would write more but I’m very distracted by the Godiva cocoa in the picture!

  16. I always have such dry skin during the winter! Any kind of Vaseline lotion always works wonders!

  17. I love vaseline in the winter! I don’t know what I would do with out it.

  18. That lotion sounds really good. My hands can get so dry that they will start bleeding and it’s a little painful.. this may be the solution to fixing the dryness.

  19. these are great tips. My biggest tip is ALWAYS use Vaseline lotion. That stuff works miracles.

  20. Great tips. My poor skin gets SO dry in the cold winter!

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