3 Uncommon Facts about Fleas

This post about 3 uncommon facts about fleas is sponsored by Bayer / Seresto and the Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the Seresto product, but Close to Home only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Bayer / Seresto is not responsible for the content of this article. I am going to knock on wood as I write this, but so far we have not had an infestation of fleas since I have owned 2 cats and a dog. I am sure we have had them around but since I am diligent about taking preventive steps for protecting my pets and family. 



1.Fleas are dangerous to pets

Fleas are parasitic six-legged insects that feed on the blood of their hosts. Fleas can cause a number of health problems for dogs and cats..According to PetParents.com flea bites can cause skin allergies including flea allergy dermatitis, in humans too, hair loss, anemia, tapeworm  and cause diseases, such as bartonellosis and cat plague (very rare).

source: healthline.com


2. Fleas can survive indoors for a long time and have 3 stages.

One adult flea can produce 25,000 fleas in 30 days. That is a lot of potential fleas out there. Once an adult has had their first blood meal they must dine every 24 hours to survive and this is why they will remain on your pet. Just because you kill an adult flea, the eggs wont hatch for 21 days so it is important to find them as well. Then it can take 9 to 200 days to get to stage 2. And up to 9 months to become adults. With this said, stage 1 and stage 2 fleas do not need an animal but can live in the environment they were born. (most likely falling off your pet onto your carpet etc)

Routinely vacuum the area where your pet sleeps. You can also add a 2 inch section of a flea collar into your vacuum bag to kill any fleas.


3. Fleas can even be in your urban area.

Wildlife provides a source of fleas and ticks in urban areas. Opossums, raccoons and foxes could be roaming around your community even if you don’t see them. These animals are some of fleas’ favorite hosts. This is why it is so important to treat your animal if it spends anytime outside. You never know where they nocturnal animals have been roaming while you are asleep.

Fleas also lay their eggs in shady areas outside and around the house.

4. Easy way to detect fleas in your house

Try walking on your carpet wearing white socks. Look at your socks afterward. If you see tiny black bugs, those are likely fleas.IMG_3439
If this has not convinced you to protect your pet against Fleas I am not sure what else would. Our cat has really had no issues in the past 4 months wearing her Seresto collar.  She is an outdoor cat and it has stayed on perfectly.


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  1. Fleas give me the creeps, thanks for the great information.

  2. I have never enjoyed flea season and always thought they were ugly now I know from your picture they are really ugly. Just don’t tell the flea’s Mom. LOL

  3. I just hate fleas. Thank you for all the great information, I certainly want to do everything I can to keep my dog safe from fleas.

  4. Amplified flea pictures show just how gross they really are, don’t they? It’s worse that they’re just really not good for pets.

  5. Yes… the dreaded fleas. Ugly miserable things.

  6. Fleas are so horrible. They definitely are in urban areas, My cat used to like to go out on our screened in porch, and every time she did we would end up with fleas. 🙁

  7. that is awful to move into a place like that. And to think hardwood instead of carpet

  8. I worry about fleas on our outdoor cat and hope she stays protected.

  9. Eek! I’ve never seen a flea that much ‘up close’. Tiny critters like these make me nervous!

  10. When I was a kid, our cats had fleas and it was horrible. I remember when my mom had to bomb the house. They are real pests!

  11. I hate fleas. They are so hard to get rid of once they get in. And people think they only come in on their pets, we were outside playing the other day and one actually jumped on my daughters leg. It was a reminder to keep the flea medicine on my indoor cats all the time.

  12. I absolutely HATE fleas. We’ve had a few infestations in the past and I’m really allergic to their bites. lol That’s how WE know there are fleas around.

  13. Fleas are terrible – Kingers is flea free – I really keep an eye on flea control – I have heard horror stories of homes being infested with fleas! ICKY!!!!

  14. Yikes! I will be wearing white socks in my house all day now..thanks for the great tip!

  15. I can honestly tell you that I didnt know anything about fleas till your post!

  16. Thanks for the info! We just got a new puppy last weekend and could use this info! Thanks!

  17. This is scary, especially that they can survive inside so long. We recently adopted a puppy but he doesn’t spend much time outside. I hope we never have to deal with fleas.

  18. Wow. Very helpful information. My dog is itching right now – i am paranoid.

  19. I will have to share this info with my mom. She’s been dealing with fleas and she doesn’t even have pets. Those succors are stubborn to kill!

  20. Fleas can definitely be dangerous to pets. One of my cats is so allergic to them, she will lick herself bald trying to scratch a single flea bite.

  21. We used to worry about fleas when we had dogs – I wish I knew about tip #4 then!! What a simple, but effective idea!

  22. Ew. I Had no idea about a lot of this, so thank you for sharing.