Using Plastic Easter Eggs as Decorations

Well this is another close holiday switch. With the leprechauns and their mischief behind us it is time to think about Easter. (although don’t get too comfortable because April 1st is a special day for me)

One of my favorite and easy ways to dress up for easter is with plastic eggs and the chandelier. Simply use those dozens of plastic eggs your child has collected through the years or buy some fun glittery or shiny ones cheaply at about any store. Make sure they have 2 holes at one end.

    ( Yesterday I saw a sleeve of glittered eggs already strung for this at    BenFranklin for $2.99. would not be surprised if Michael’s had something similiar. The only disadvantage would be that you had no control of the length of the ribbon)

Simply use thin ribbon, bought cheaply also at most craft stores, to string through and tie inside the egg. Be sure to measure them equally for the best look.
Hang them for the light fixture and you have a festive touch to your dining area.

Extra eggs look great in a glass bowl on a side table too.

How do you use plastic Easter Eggs for decorations?

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