What To Pack for a Girls Weekend To New York City

Headed to the Big Apple for a Girls Weekend? It’s hard enough to pack enough outfits to get you through all the various activities you and your girlfriends can do in New York City. Thanks to our sponsors for sharing their products we find are essential when packing for a girls weekend to NYC. or really any  Girls Weekend Getaway. you might have planned. This post may contain affiliate links that help support our blog! When heading to New York City, be sure to leave extra space in whatever size bag you pack, as there is pretty much a good chance you will be bringing home new shoes or a new purse.

what to pack for a girls weekend

What to Pack for your Next Girls Weekend Getaway to NYC


  1. First, of course, is an appropriately sized carry-on bag. To save on Airport fees and back pain find one that is small enough to fit in the overhead of a plane.
  2. Have a few clothing items that pack easily and don’t have to be ironed. Ideally, ones that you can roll up and pack.
  3. Shoes are the hardest for me. I try to wear the biggest pair while traveling and pack the smaller flats, gym shoes and flip-flops. Don’t pack any boots they will take up half your bag. Comfortable shoes are a must when walking many blocks around New York City. Consider packing a small pair of thin Flip flops to head to the pool or spa. Even in NYC your feet might want a break from your walking shoes.  FeelGoodz flip flops are super thin but still has incredible comfort that molds to your feet after several wearings. Made with Fair Trade rubber too.

thiings to pack

4. Pack your makeup bag with the basics with you. Remember hotels have shampoos and conditioners and blow dryers so only pack the hair products you really need.

5. If you plan on checking your bag, I like to pack my makeup bag and one outfit in a carry-on. Just in case. You will also have your makeup handy for a touch up before you make it to your destination.

6. Have your travel outfit. You are most likely not going to be on the same flight with the same people so don’t feel bad by wearing the same clothes you wore to your destination. It saves on luggage. If that grosses you out, wear the same jeans and just bring a new top.


7. Coffee:  Whether you are staying at an Airbnb or at a Fancy Hotel,  bringing a few Coffee Pods of a great coffee will save you money and time. Consider Laughing Man Coffee, created by Hugh Jackman. I am sure your girlfriends won’t care you have invited Hugh to your girls trip. Since its inception, Laughing Man Coffee has always strived to Make Every Cup Count by donating a portion of sales from each purchase to the Laughing Man Foundation, which supports coffee farming communities and programs that ensure fair wages, and clear the way to sustainable health, growth and success for coffee farmers and their families.


8. Small Camera: We all have camera phones, but what a fun way to share photos instantly with your girlfriends. Or save them and make fun greeting cards with the photos. Polaroid has recreated the magic of classic instant photography with the Polaroid Snap – the newest way to snap, print, and share life instantly. The new camera is the perfect blend of nostalgic Polaroid instant photography and modern, digital technology. The snappy design fits into your clutch and budget.

9. Maybe you are feeling a cold coming on right before the big weekend getaway. Be sure to pack Zicam’s recently announced the national launch of new Medicated Fruit Drops as part of the brand’s Cold Remedy lineup. Offered in an assortment of fruity flavors, Zicam’s new delicious, chewable Medicated Fruit Drops are made from a unique formula that shortens a cold when taken at the first sign of symptoms.

They are quickly becoming a fan-favorite this cold season and are perfect for when you’re on the go! Unlike other cold medicines, ZICAM® Cold Remedy products do not simply mask symptoms; they shorten colds so you can get back to what matters most, faster – meaning that cold won’t get in the way of girl time.



No matter what the occasion, taking a girls trip to New York City is always a success. From going to Broadway, eating at great restaurants or simply window shopping there is something for anyone as long as you are packed and prepared.

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