Wine and Whine

There is an amazing group that started in my neighborhood called Whine and Wine. About once every 3 months, someone offers to host the event. A simple email or evite goes out to the women of the neighborhood to come join the Whine and wine event. The hosts basically just have to open up their home as we rotate with odd number addresses are asked to bring an appetizer to share and even numbered houses are asked to bring a bottle of wine to share with the group. If you really want to make it easy, have everyone bring a wine glass so clean up is simple.

Our neighborhood is filled with women in their 70’s to 30’s so it is a nice way to get to see people you normally would not socialize with. A good chance to Whine a littl!

After seeing this interesting ad I am thinking we should have a Champagne themed night. What could we call it?

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