Chocolate Covered Pretzel Treat–Reindeers

I have decided to update this post with another reindeer treat we made this year. For years I have been making the simple pretzel, chocolate disc and M&M treat
. This year I thought I would make them into little reindeer. Any type of Pretzel Treats  are great to package up for neighbor gifts. I also love the reindeer pretzel sticks I made in 2009 and might remake them this year. The pictures are awful but you get the idea how to make them.

I could not decide which combination of candy I preferred to look the cutest. Which one do you like, eyes or no eyes? 
rudolph pretzels
Now for the 2009 version of chocolate covered pretzel treats in the pretzel rod version….

Well I managed to do it again. Take chocolate and pretzels and make something for the holidays. This is the second year I have made these. However, this time when I went shopping I had forgotten what type of pretzel to buy so I bought the small twist and the long sticks.

Looking at my ingredients and realized I should have bought the large twist pretzels as antlers. When I went back to the grocery store I found chocolate covered twist pretzels in dark and white chocolate…..I know my motto is to save money but time is money isn’t it.

I splurged for the premade pretzels. Actually they are a little trickier since you had to get all ready dried chocolate to restick to each other.

To make the original recipe, on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper:
1. Coat the chocolate twists or antlers with chocolate white or dark whichever is your preference.
2. Dip 3/4 of the pretzel stick into the same color chocolate if desired.
3. Place the log onto the twisted pretzel.
4. Immediately add mini chips for eyes and a red m& m for the nose.
You can mix things up with the colors of chocolate.
For the purchased chocolate-covered “antlers”, 
1. Add some chocolate to two pretzels to stick together.
2. cover the pretzel log with chocolate and place in the middle of the two pretzels.
Follow the same for adornments.
Let them dry completely before trying to package them. They will not fit in the individual pretzel treat bags the double antlers where too wide!
These pretzel treats are going to the kids in the neighborhood….

hmmm…what can I come up with for New Years Day and pretzels….any suggestions


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  1. This is a great idea! I would make this with kids.

  2. Very cute!