5 Fun and Educational Activities to Do With Your Kids Before Summer Ends


When the summer comes, you have to entertain and teach your children, but not the traditional school type stuff. In addition, you will have some photos to add to your family photo album and experience to add to memories.

Be creative and choose the most interesting approaches to teach your kids preschool and they will probably write about the perfectly spent summer in their school themes.

This article can help you to organize the summer time with your children by choosing the most fun summer educational activities!


5 Fun and Educational Actvities to Do With Your Kids Before Summer Ends


5 Fun and Educational Activities to Do With Your Kids Before Summer Ends


  • Spend time at the beach

It should not be hard to find a lake, river or pond within driving distance from your home and it is even better if you live near to the sea or the ocean. Spending time with your children at the beach will be fun!

Make a couple of sand castles, swim and buy some ice cream to make the kids happy. Additionally, remember to take the hats and bottles of water with you.

Moreover, you can turn a simple day into the educational day. For example, tell your children the rules of a right behavior at the beach such as staying quiet if the other people are near and being careful in the water.


  • Try volunteering as a family

Ask your kids who are they passionate about to help. Three most common answers are “Animals”, “Elderly people” and “Orphans”.

Therefore, you can visit the animal shelter and walk with the dogs, which live there, visit the orphanages or homes for the elderly people. Teach your children to make good things and help others.


  • Enjoy the rainy days

Nowadays parents usually do not allow their children to play in the rain and ask them to stay at home in the bad weather. However, let your children to play outside at least once under the rain.

They will not only have fun but also can take a lesson of biology while searching for the frogs, warms and mushrooms. Do not be afraid that your children will become ill because the rain in summer is warm.


  • Play games

In a modern life we start forgetting about spending time simply talking or having fun with all the relatives. In the 21st century children sit in front of their computers and screens of the mobile phones all the days through. It is recommended to organize a family game night for a couple of times during the summer.

Here is a list of games you can play with your children:

Pencil & Paper games

Consider playing Battleship or Sprouts with your kids. These games are not only fun but also can develop a number of skills of your children.

Building games

Make the card or the book towers. In addition, you can also build a “home” out of pillows. The material does not matter, only the creativity does! You can make these games competitive (e.g a winner will be the one, who build the highest tower) or play just for your enjoyment.

Become magicians

Put a coin under one of three cups and shuffle them around. Then let your child to guess where the coin is. In addition, you can buy a set of simple magician tricks for your child.


Have fun indoors while playing the card games. Check out the list of children-friendly card games.

∙ Puzzles

Buy a good puzzle in the nearest shop or make your own one. Puzzles help children to have a better problem solving skill and develop a creative thinking.

There are also quite a lot of outdoor activities and summer ideas for kids such as playing football, volleyball, tennis, badminton or organizing a picnic.

You can also search the information about creating summer crafts for preschoolers and other art works.


  • Cook together

Try to cook a lunch or a dinner together with your kids. Prepare something easy enough. Cooking can help the children to be more prepared for the independent life and can make you closer with your children.

Enjoy the prepared food together and do not forget to thank your kids for the help.

5 Fun and Educational activities to Do With Your Kids Before Summer Ends

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All in all, summer is a perfect time to make a useful program for your family. Spend as much time as possible with your children during this part of the year when they do not have to do their homework.

Use our 5 summer learning activities for kids above to make an unforgettable vacation for your children. Good luck!

What are some 5 Fun and Educational Activities would like to squeeze in before summer ends? 

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