5 House Cleaning Hacks To Save Money

This post 5 Ways to Use BIZ Detergent (House Cleaning Hacks to save money) is sponsored by BIZ as part of their BIZ Bloggers Ambassadors Program. All opinions are my own.

Just when you thought your BIZ laundry detergent was only good for taking out stubborn stains, we are going to blow your mind with suggestions on how to use BIZ Stainfighter around the house. No need to have multiple products to clean your house. Head to your laundry room and grab the bottle or box BIZ® to clean and deodorize things in your home both inside and out. Check out our five house cleaning hacks to save on money. It’s summertime to get the kids involved with these Summer Cleaning Tips With Chore Charts Ideas too.

5 House Cleaning Hacks To Save Money (5 Uses of BIZ Detergent outside the Laundry Room)


5 Ways to Use BIZ Detergent 5 House Cleaning Hacks To Save Money

1. Kitchen and bathroom countertops   Whether it is toothpaste or coffee cup stains on your counters, we have a solution. To remove these stains, make a paste of water and BIZ powder detergent. Apply the paste with a soft cloth and scrub out stubborn stains. Rinse the area and dry. Be sure to test on a small area before covering the entire area. Do not neglect the fridge. Be sure to check out our post about Cleaning Your Fridge and Kitchen for Summer.

2. Deodorize Waste Cans   How often do you find yourself actually cleaning out your garbage cans? Smells and stains can build up and leave a smell that you think is simply coming from what is in the trash. This method also works great for diaper pails. Mix 1 scoop (1 cup) Biz in 1 gallon of warm water. Apply solution to dirty surface with a sponge, cloth, or mop (for sensitive skin wear gloves). Or, sprinkle Biz on a wet sponge, cloth or brush. Scrub on the surface to clean. Do not let dry. Rinse thoroughly.

3.Toilet Bowls:   No need to have multiple cleaning products to clean your bathroom and toilet. Simply add one scoop of BIZ to the toilet bowl, mix with a toilet brush to dissolve the powder and clean bowl. Let stand for 15 minutes, then flush to rinse thoroughly.


4.Outdoor Furniture
The warmer weather has probably moved you onto your patio or deck. However, spring pollen and winter weather has taken a toll on your outdoor furniture. Mix one cup of BIZ with one cup of warm water, using nonabrasive sponge wipe down your furniture. If your fabric seats can be washed, be sure to add a cupful of detergent to the washer to brighten these and help take away any stains.

Once the snow melts and pollen have stopped dropping it is time to clean off your decks. From bird droppings to dripping popsicles, decks can take on stains. Before you put out all your furniture, be sure to give your outdoor deck a good cleaning. It would be best to clean your deck when there is plenty of shade on your deck to prevent the cleaning solution from drying. Simply sprinkle Biz on the wet deck surface, clean with wet brush or sponge (for sensitive skin wear gloves). Allow cleaning solution to sit 10 min. Do not let dry. Rinse thoroughly.

Now that we gave you some house cleaning hacks that will keep you from buying multiple cleaning supplies, we would love to know how you use BIZ in your home.

5 Ways to Use BIZ Detergent 5 House Cleaning Hacks To Save Money


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