5 Packing Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

If you are a pet lover like we are, then you will love our packing tips and tricks for traveling with your dog! Do you plan on taking your dog on a road trip? Well, it takes more planning than remembering to bring their leash and some food. Before taking a long road trip check out our How to Road Trip with your Dog Tips

We take our dog, Chloe, just about everywhere we can but not without some research and planning. Be sure to pack along some homemade dog treats too. 

Packing Tips For Traveling With Your Dog are a must this year! Don't hesitate to take your pets on your next family road trip when you follow our tips!

5 Packing Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

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If this is your first travel experience with your dog, it is really important to take into account our packing tips for your pets safety and well-being. Not all animals are good with travel, so make sure to do a test run before taking a longer trip.

1. VISIT YOUR VET: Especially with a young pup, be sure to call your vet and make sure Ensure your dog is up-to-date for vaccinations. If you are taking a camping trip you may inquire about such threats as  Lyme disease.

2. BOOK PET-FRIENDLY HOTELS: If your road trip requires an overnight stay, be sure to plan your road trip and find a pet-friendly hotel. Many hotels list their weight restrictions and fees on their website but it does not hurt to call first.

When doing this, follow one of my top packing tips – take extra potty pads for your dog. Even if your dog is “housebroken”, staying in a strange place can be a tough transition. Go prepared rather than paying a cleanup fee.

3. PACK YOUR DOG HIS OWN BAG:  We pack Chloe her own bag with all the necessary items to keep her happy. Be sure to have this easily accessible when packing up the trunk. It is usually the last thing in our trunk so we can reach her food, leash, water easily during a pit stop.

  • Food and food bowl
  • Water, water bottle and bowl
  • Leash
  • Toys for chewing and fetching
  • Medications
  • Dog-safe insect repellent and sunscreen
  • Blanket and dog towel
  • Brush and shampoo
  • Flea comb and tick remover
  • Poop bags
  • Treats
4. UP TO DATE DOG IDS: You never think it will happen but your dog can get lost even under your watchful eye. If the dog is in an unfamiliar place, finding their way back to you is even harder. Make sure they have the proper cell phone number on their collar and if they have a microchip, make sure it is up to date as well.
5. EXERCISE YOUR DOG: It is a good rule of thumb for humans as well as your dog to stop every 4 hours to get out and stretch. This means taking the time to plan your road trip with a leash and harness or even a muzzle if your dog tends to snap at strangers. Our truck needs gas about every 4 hours so this is a good reminder to stop and stretch your legs. Just be sure your dog leash is readily available.
Check out this website for more Stress Free Travel Tips for Pet Owners including more Road Trips with your Dog.
Packing Tips For Traveling With Your Dog are a must this year! Don’t hesitate to take your pets on your next family road trip when you follow our tips!

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Making memories with your family and your pets is an amazing part of travel. Like I said, we just took Chloe on a 24 hour, round trip, road trip this summer. We were thrilled to have her along and she was happy to be with her people. Take your pets with you on your road trip but don’t forget these packing tips t make things easier to manage!

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  1. what a great trip, you would hate if your dog gets sick in the car!

  2. I would add “Do a few practice runs in the car if you’re dog isn’t familiar with riding in a car.”
    My parents’ dog is very familiar with the car and where to sit, so it was a surprise when I took my dog in the car for the first time (shortly after getting her) and discovered she wanted to practically ride in my lap (luckily it was a short ride). With a few rides and a little training, she learned quickly but it would have made a long trip very frustrating.

    Great tips by the way!

  3. These are such great tips, I always want to bring my pup with us by the husband says no, maybe if I come prepared 😉

  4. Although I am no longer a pet owner, these are some great tips. It’s check to have a checklist for your animals as well as for the family so you are not forgetting anything. It’s such a headache trying to deal with last minute things when you’ve been traveling.

  5. I have traveled with our dogs in the past – so much fun! But, yes, it takes some planning and forethought. Just like traveling with toddlers 🙂

  6. Yes people just can’t throw their dog in the car for a long car trip, benefit over kids, they don’t talk back!!

  7. Your dog is beautiful!! These are some great tips. It’s crazy how much planning needs to go into traveling with a dog, but it’s honestly almost as much as traveling with kids!

  8. she is one of our family members, she sits by the back tires when we are packing the car…

  9. Great tips! That dog looks so sweet! I love the idea of packing the dog a bag too. 😉

  10. What great ideas! I have always left my pet with family when we traveled in the past, but with all of the pet friendly hotels now, I may need to change that!

  11. last time, my dog just slept in my lap. but i’m definitely gunna pack a little better for her on our road trip coming up.

  12. I love golden retrievers. I would love to have one someday. Traveling with pets can’t be easy but the kids would love it.

  13. So glad she is around at 12, makes me think we have more years with our love bug

  14. I have a Golden Retriever just like you. My girl is 12, and she can’t tolerate car rides like she used to. Mainly because she has trouble getting in and out. These are great tips for those who travel with their dogs.

  15. We don’t have a pet but traveling with a dog certainly adds another level of planning to your trip! It’s all about being prepared!

  16. First off Chloe is gorgeous look at those beautiful big brown eyes and secondly great tips!

  17. I’ve never traveled with animals, though my aunt used to do it twice a year. She drove back and forth between New Jersey and Florida.

  18. This is such good information! I needed this for our upcoming trip!