6 Tips For Visiting A New Mom You Need To Follow

Maybe your friends are just at the age they are having their first babies or you have never had your own children and are anxious to see that newborn. Don’t plan on showing up at their door right after they are born, take a deep breath and follow these tips for visiting a new mom. There are a few tips for visiting a new mom that you should follow. Trust me, I called one friend in the hospital while she was pushing. Granted her husband should not have answered the phone, but that was a little embarrassing. Here are 6 Tips for Visiting a New Mom that will be helpful for both the new parent and you developed with the help of BabyCubby.com

6 Tips For Visiting A New Mom


Tips for Visiting a New Mom after Baby Is Born:

  • Call before you visit:   New moms tend to sleep when their newborns are asleep or just want a moment of quiet. There is nothing worse than finally sitting down with a sleeping newborn and the door bell rings or someone pops by to visit.
  • Help with Chores: Offer to empty their dishwasher, fold a load or laundry or take out the garbage. Little tasks like this are so helpful for the overwhelmed new parent.
  • Offer to Bring a Meal: There are so many different websites that organize meals for people, before showing up with a large tray of meat lasagna, ask the new mom if there is already a meal sign up going around. They will often have openings and a list of what people are bringing so there are not 100 lasagnas being delivered. One seasoned mom said she liked meals delivered with wine!! Some of our favorite dishes to bring other families include lasagna, Chicken Enchilada Quiche, Texas Lasagna, spaghetti pie and banana bread. 
  • Don’t show up empty-handed: If you are not bringing a meal, think about a bringing a breakfast or lunch option since these meals are often not offered. (Breakfast bread, bagels or sandwich fixings)
  • Ask the new mom if you can stop by the grocery store for them:  Loading the baby into their carrier to get diapers or milk can be a sweat-inducing experience. Be sure to call the new mom before you come and see if you can stop at Target for diapers, milk you get it!!
  • Buy a gift from Baby Cubby:   The Baby Cubby is for every parent out there who has ever felt overwhelmed or discouraged about becoming a parent. Our Baby Cubby team is made up of parents who have been there. We know what it’s like and we are passionate about encouraging, inspiring, and reminding parents how amazing they are and how important their role is.

Why buy from Baby Cubby:  They search out the best quality and safest baby gear to provide to parents in a fun shopping experience. We do things like test strollers on our stroller track, price match every day – even Amazon, offer free shipping nationwide at BabyCubby.com and actively engage with parents via social media and our Cubby Community Blog to discuss some of the difficult topics of parenting.

Don’t just guess what is a good gift, buy it from somewhere that has experienced parents sharing insightful reviews and experience with products. Here are some of the great gifts I would have loved to have received as a new mom if they were around at the time!! While it is fun to buy baby stuff, we often forget to pamper the new mom too.

Tips for Visiting a New Mom after Baby Is Born:

I love these adorable wallets that are easy to find in your diaper bag but also so fashionable to take out alone if you get the chance to be baby free. This is just one of the adorable Petunia Pickle Wallets available at BabyCubby.com

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Teething necklaces were not around when I had my babies, fashionable and practical new moms will feel dressed up even on their most dressed down days.


Taking photos with the baby’s age is very hip now too. These Lucy Darling Monthly Stickers are adorable and make it easy for mom to just click away without having to print something. Here are just one of the cute designs available from Babycubby.com.

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What were some of your favorite new mom gifts? What advice would you give to friends when visiting new moms?

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  1. I had family with me when both my kids were born, so that was a huge help. I really did not mind my friends visiting or calling.

  2. Great tips! I was so disappointed that we had house guests for a week when my first daughter was born. I did not want to be hosting and worrying about cleaning while adjusting to my new role as mother.

  3. When my daughter gave birth, I brought her all the food she was not allowed to have when she was pregnant. A huge pepperoni pizza and chocolate covered honey dipped donuts! That zapped her out of the post partum depression. 🙂

  4. A prepared meal is always nice when you’re a new mom. Actually, anything that can help alleviate daily tasks is a great help when you’re tending to a new baby.

  5. I can not stress enough about calling before coming. After my twins I had pop-ins and it always sent my anxiety through the roof – and if you are going to pop-in, at least be helpful! 😀

  6. After we had brought our second child home from the hospital, 2 girlfriends of mine offered to bring me lunch and brought me ChikFilA. I don’t even eat fast food normally, but right then and there in the middle of adjusting with a new baby, it was PERFECT. Will always remember how good that made me feel!

  7. I’m reading these and thinking to myself these are great is for new and old moms. My kids are teenagers and I want my friend to do all of these things.

  8. These are definitely helpful tips! I especially feel like I need the advice because I haven’t had a kid of my own yet, so I’m not always aware of what a new mama may need!

  9. This is perfect. I just had a baby and when people visit they are always so sweet. Bonus if they bring me starbucks!