Best Dog Toys To Have Right Now

Thanks to PetMate for sharing these best dog toys with us as we are all spending more time at home with our pets.  I do believe dogs are truly living their best lives right now and how will they recover when their people start leaving them again.

Best Dog Toys


Chuckit! RingChaser The ultimate chase and fetch toy for your pet! The Chuckit! RingChaser enables you to keep playing fetch with your pet for longer.

The unique topspin infused action causes the UltraRing to erratically bounce, zig, zag, and hop on the ground f

We have reviewed this one before.  Teach your Puppy how to fetch and more experienced fetchers will enjoy the break from a ball. 





Chuckit! Amphibious Ball 3-Pack-This lightweight ball is designed to float for aquatic play but is great for land play too!


How to Teach a Puppy To Fetch With Our Favorite Chuckit!

Our golden can’t have enough balls around the house.  Once the weather warms up we will be using these balls in the lakes and ocean.  Perfect if you have a pool too. 



Best Dog Toys for travel

  • The Vittle Vault is made out of heavy-duty plastic that is food-safe and BPA-free.
  • The Vittle Vault locks freshness in and keeps food odors from seeping out.
  • Molded handles make carrying and pouring a breeze.
  • Great for any sized pet food or even human foods such as cereal.
  • Includes free pet food scoop.

Soon road trips will be a thing again.  Be prepared next time you road trip with your dog.   The Vittles Vault is perfect as you don’t have to have multiple bowls to feed your dog along the trip.  


Best Dog Toys

 Flockers Flockers will send your dog on a wild goose chase as its laughs and giggles get louder as your pet shakes and rattles their brains. 

  • This fluttering toy with flappable wings taps into a dogs natural chase instincts.
  • It creates a buzzing sound that is triggered by motion with the sound intensity changing based on motion intensity.
  • Easy on/off function by simple push button.

Tippet was not so sure about this toy.  He was a little confused about the sound.  Once we turned off the sound he had fun throwing the flocker by the wings. 


Be sure to load up on ways to engage your dogs brainpower.  Either make your own dog brain game or look at these games. 

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