Best hotel for Family Travel in Washington DC

Thank you to the Hyatt Place WashingtonDC/ US Capital for the hosting our family and best hotel for family travel in Washington DC. All the opinions expressed are 100% our own.

When we had a third child a lot of things changed such as we lost man on man coverage, we needed a bigger car if anyone ever had a friend come with us, we had to move out of our 3 bedroom home and we lost the chance to comfortably sleep in 1 hotel room.


Well that was until we recently stayed at the Hyatt Place DC for a quick spring break getaway. ( I say spring break lightly since there was 5 inches of snow in DC). We were looking for the best hotel for traveling with a family of 5 and here is what we found.



Located 10 minutes drive from the Mall and only two blocks from the Metro stop, The Hyatt Place Washington DC is a pioneer in the up and coming NOMa area of DC. (North of Massachutes Ave).

This hotel just opened in July of 2014 and is very clean and modern looking. A small lobby is adjoined to the 24-hour food service available at the hotel. It also serves an American Style Breakfast each morning that is included in your room rate.

(A big money saver for a family of 5) You can also pick up fresh pastries, snacks, coffee and drinks for sale throughout the day.

They offer valet parking as there is nowhere to park in the neighborhood. If you plan on using your car, allow for about 15 minutes for retrieval. Also when we returned from our day activities and knew we were going to take it out again in about 2 hours, they conveniently parked in near the hotel so there was no wait. ( Just be sure to let the valet know your plans)


Now why this hotel is good for family travel, we were placed in the Queen Room which not only had 2 queen sized beds but also a pull-out couch that was perfect for the 5th guest in our room. The large window overlooked the capital building, in a distance and may not be there forever, depending on the development of the area. We were on the 15th floor so hopefully they will retain this view.

The bathroom was modern and clean and served our family well for this trip. We did not spend much time in the hotel so needing activities for kids was not on our list of priorities for this trip.

The Hyatt Place Washington DC  also has a  small work out room (open 24 hours)  and seasonal pool if the kids or adults need to get some energy out.

Other amenities when staying at the Hyatt Place Washington DC: 

  • FREE Wifi everywhere
  • Hyatt Grand Beds
  • Express Checkout
  • Smoke Free Hotel
  • Remote Printing
  • 24/7 Gallery Market and Menu
  • A.M Kitchen Skillet
  • 24 hour Fitness Center
  • Seasonal Pool

There are so many things to do for free in our country’s capital that it makes for a great family trip. The Smithsonian Museum system is something all families that live here should take advantage of. All these free museums and sites for free and most within walking distance makes for an economical and educational trip.

Park Hyatt Washington DC

Our Hotel room View

The Hyatt Place DC was a great place to lay our head after a long day on our feet. Check out Stay in Washington DC for all your planning needs including hotel discounts. Traveling with Kids? Here are our Top Tips For Surviving Family Vacations

What do you look for in the best hotel for your family travel?

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