Container Gardening For Small Outdoor Spaces

Not everyone can have a garden in the ground. Container Gardening can serve as a wonderful place for herbs, tomato plants even peppers or a squash plant. Any vegetable plant still needs at least 6 hours of sunlight. Maybe a front or back porch even a spot in the driveway will serve as great garden platform. Cluster a few pots together and you have a instant garden! Container Gardening is perfect For Small Outdoor Spaces.
Container Gardening For Small Spaces

Container Gardening For Small Outdoor Spaces

Although I have my new raised bed garden, I still have a pot of bell peppers and a pot of extra herbs sitting in my driveway. I have a pepper plant in a pot and another plant just in a garden bed, near the same location, and the potted one seems to be doing better. 
Make sure the pots you are using are cleaned from last years dirt and grime. They need adequate drainage as well. Look for a pot with holes in the bottom as you can’t control the amount of rain it is going to get. If you have a plastic pot with no drainage, try using a drill to make a few holes. Then place rocks or a shard of an old pot at the bottom.
If you are trying to grow organically use a good organic potting soil. Miracle Grow has an organic potting soil available at many stores.
Also when you are making those omelets, rinse out the egg shells and place the crushed shells  in the soil before planting. They will continue to feed the plant with calcium. Make sure you water the containers more frequently than your flower beds as they will dry out more quickly.
My grandmother use to put eggshells in her watering jugs. I looked it up on Google and found that it is called “calcium tea”. Place the shells in the watering jug (a clean milk jug) and allow it to seep for a day or so. The same website added that the water used when hard boiling eggs is also good for the garden. Who knew!
No matter what type of outdoor space your home allows for, you can still share the joy of gardening with your family. You might be surprised they are eating more veggies, mine have!!

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