Cute Valentine Sayings And Gifts To Go With Them

Cute Valentine Sayings And Gifts To Go With Them
We received sample products in return for their mention in this Cute Valentine Sayings gift guide but all opinions expressed are 100% our own.

A box of chocolates is such a cliche’ when it comes to Valentines Day Gifts. We thought we would share some of our favorite and less traditional Valentines Day Gift Ideas. Even if you don’t celebrate Valentines Day with gifts these make great gifts for many occasions as well.

We are including Cute Valentine Sayings with each gift to make your selections even more special.


Cute Valentine Sayings and Gifts to Go with Them

Give your special Valentine one of these great gifts and we included some creative Valentine Card Sayings to go with them too.



Bring music anywhere you go, especially in the kitchen for the cook in your life with the next-generation UE MEGABOOM blasts freakishly amazing 360-degree sound with heart-pounding bass.

With a waterproof – IPX7 certified – and stain-resistant acoustic skin, and a durable grab-and-go design, UE MEGABOOM makes your musical adventures both awesome and easy. Plus, UE MEGABOOM weighs less than two pounds, features a 20-hour rechargeable battery life and 100-foot wireless Bluetooth® range, so you can keep the party going anywhere. 




With the Wacom’s Bamboo™ Stylus Fineline, you can write a handwritten love letter right on your iPad. Just like a pen to paper,

Fineline’s innovative thin-tip technology gives you an authentic and natural handwriting experience. This is also perfect for the person with limited mobility they can use it to touch the keys on their iPad  We had fun downloading some of their apps and testing it out.



Too busy to talk to your loved one because you work with your hands, no excuses now once you give them the Jabra Stealth  for Valentines Day. This Jabra Stealth is  smaller, lighter and more discreet than most headsets, the Jabra Stealth is the first to incorporate microPOWER™ technology, reducing the overall size of the headset while boosting battery efficiency


Pucker Up this Valentines Day 

Have your tween or teen create some fun Valentines for her friends using these colorful Carmex Lip Care products.


Thanks for being my Better Half

Does your Valentine steal products off your side of the bathroom. Grab the Better Half Kit from The Grooming Lounge to keep her stocked for the time being. Some of our more popular and most frequently “borrowed” solutions by women come in a convenient set that’s perfect for any gift-giving occasion. You can use this Valentine Saying: Thanks for being my Better Half.


No Sugar needed You are Sweet Enough:  

If you plan on giving chocolate, give her good chocolate  like these No-sugar added, all-natural stevia-sweetened milk chocolate bars from Lily’s Sweets still taste every bit as good as traditional chocolate. Plus, Lily’s treats have 25% fewer calories than traditional chocolate.

The bars come in Creamy Milk and Salted Almond & Milk – all the velvety smoothness of premium milk chocolate, but with no sugar added and Fair Trade certified cocoa. Purchase here, $4.49 each. Also available nationally at Whole Foods Market.



Bijoux Indiscrets Massage Candle

Bijoux Indiscrets Massage Candle is a candle that when lit, turns into luxurious massage oil. The wax is not as hot as a regular candle so can be used directly on the skin without burning. So surprise your spouse this Mother’s Day or Anniversary with a gift you both can enjoy. The available scents include: Aphrodisia; Dark Chocolate (edible); and Wild Strawberry (edible).

With their amazing attention to detail, each Bijoux Indiscrets Massage Candle is presented in a beautifully detailed box and adorned with a removable metal tag with a bow accent. 


Treat yourself as well as your Valentine and tell them ”

I SCREAM for you this Valentines Day”

with the amazing culinary dessert adventure with Choctál  Ice Cream. Chocta’l is a single origin ice cream company that ships their international flavors right to your front door. Whether you choose the Chocolate Tour, Island Tour, or splurge for the World Tour, each pint contains only the finest flavors and ingredients from unique regions around the globe. They come with tasting notes that really bring Ice Cream to a new level.


You are a “Pop”ular Teacher

Add a Valentine tag that says   You are a “Pop”ular Teacher, Kid etc. to a bag of this delicious popcorn from  GH Cretors Chicago Mix. Made with all-natural ingredients completely free of GMO’s, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, G.H. Cretors’ signature Chicago Mix combines caramel corn and cheese corn in the same bag, offering addictive, simultaneous hits of sweet, salty, crunchy and cheesy.

This one passed the test with this Chicago Girl. Check out our cute Popcorn Valentine for teachers.

























You are Berry Special to Me

Make a statement when you give your Valentine a bag of Stoneridge Orchards, premium tart cherries, cranberries and blueberries dipped in decadent dark chocolate. The company always uses whole fruit pieces grown by third-generation farmers in Washington state for an all natural sweet treat. $3.99 per 5 oz. bag,  I could eat the whole bag and why not dark chocolate and the fruit are both good for you right?



You are one Dish I Won’t Pass Up this Valentines Day.

Surprise your Valentine with a dinner made complete with the Date Night Dish Assortment from Tastefully Simple or wrap it in a box for a future Date night. 



You will find everything in this assortment provides Tastefully Simple products to make a heart melting meal for your sweetheart consisting of Bayou Bacon Chicken, Key Lime Fondue, Vidalia Onion Spinach Salad, and Samba Sangría on the rocks. We have used the Garlic Garlic sprinkles already in many dishes.



Sending a long-distance Valentine got easier with this delicious scratch-baked box of goodies from Dancing Deer Baking Company. We have a free Bake the World A better Place Printable with layered cookies recipe.

This great collection of heart cookies and brownies includes:

Be Mine Valentine Gift idea

  • Four rich and decadent Chocolate Chunkbrownies
  • Eight signature Molasses Clove cookies
  • Three hand-decorated crisp and buttery Vanilla Heart cookies


Let’s make some Whoppie this Valentines Day

R Rated! 

Either buy these  Piping Gourmets whoopee Pies. They offer a variety of flavorful, allergen free whoopee pies that are certified GFCO, Kosher-Pareve, and Vegan, dairy free, egg free and are non-GMO. These cute whoopie pies are perfect alone as great desserts for gift giving for your sweetie, or can be jazzed up with whipped cream, caramel and chocolate sauce, fruits, or whatever your heart desires to make for a beautiful and delicious presentation!


I Only Have Scones for You:

Make your Valentine some yummy homemade scones or Serve a Valentines Day Breakfast with Barista Break and Bake scones – These are truly delicious and easy to make. They come in 3 flavors – orange cranberry, blueberry, and strawberries and crème. Find them in the dairy Case in a store near you. 

Have a Family Valentines Day party with  Family Finest . Take a break from the kitchen and buy one of these  pizza and cookie kits. Either of these kits would make for an excellent starter for kids’ creativity. Whether they decorated with hearts or messages, it would be a fun canvas for creating their favorite things to give to parents or siblings.
The kits also create a great opportunity for families to get in the kitchen together and have fun while learning! Then have a romantic dinner with your partner later. 

 I Scream for You to be my Valentine:

Other Cute sayings for Valentine’s Day:

“I like the way you roll”  – toy car, Tootsie Rolls or Rolos

Donut’ you know I love you! – Donuts

“Our love was ‘mint’ to be” – Mints

“You rock!” or “Have a blast” or “You are a blast” – Who doesn’t love pop rocks candy!

“You are as cute as a button!” – button bookmark, button bracelet or button shaped cookies or candy would be cute clipped to a card with this saying

“You are a hottie” – Hot Tamale candy

“LIB it up this Valentine’s Day” or ” I am MAD about you Valentine” – A book of Mad Libs

“I’d always pick you” – a bouquet of flowers

“You are just ‘write’ for me!” – A pencil or pen is always an appreciated gift!



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