Candy Cane Reindeer & December Crafts

We have updated this post from 2015,  since there has been so much attention to the candy cane Reindeers.  We recreated one with a step by step tutorial

It’s so hard to believe it is December and Christmas is just a few weeks away. There is so little time between Thanksgiving and Christmas that it all sort of jells together.

I have been busy crafting and baking for the holidays. I can’t wait to see what is new on your blogs too.

Welcome to Friday Frenzy Holiday Edition




candy cane reindeer craft
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How cute is this Mirror Ball Snowman Ornaments from The Country Cottage Chic?
Mirror Ball Snowman Ornament Craft
I am in LOVE with the idea and think that this would be the perfect glisten for most trees! Made with some common items, you too can make your own!
Looking for a festive winter wreath idea for your front door? This Deer Antler DIY Winter Wreath from Consumer Crafts is perfect for any hunters and would make such a great gift!
I love the rustic and earthy appeal to this decorative item!
Love candy canes and reindeer? If so, I have the perfect project from One Little Project–check out these Candy Cane Reindeer!
Candy Cane Reindeer Craft

What you need to make this Reindeer Candy Cane  Christmas Craft:



They are super cute and so easy to make for kids classmates, or Christmas tree ornaments!

This post about Super Easy Reindeer Candy Cane Crafts contains affiliate links that cost you nothing to use!!

When my kids were in preschool and elementary school we often made fun gifts to give our classmates or make in a class party. One of my favorite and super easy craft for kids to do are Reindeer Candy Canes.


For this post, we drifted off the traditional red and white candy cane and found adorable chocolate candy canes… In my opinion, they look more like a reindeer! 


candy cane reindeer craft


There really is no tutorial needed.  Simply cut one of the brown pipe cleaners in half. 

Cut one half into 4 equal pieces if you want an authentic antler look.  For a curled look,  keep the antler in one piece. 

Attach the longer piece to the top of the candy cane.  Attach the 2 smaller pieces to the two halves.

Using a glue gun, attach the pom pom and eyes.

candy cane reindeer craft


You can attach a ribbon around his neck if desired but we simplified these today. 

Put them in a simple glass or vase and they make an adorable centerpiece on any kid’s table. 

candy cane reindeer craft


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