DIY Valentines Day Mantel Decor

Do you put out Valentines Day decorations? We made some simple DIY Valentines Day Mantel Decor that will brighten up your room without much fuss. I just adore the pink colors of Valentines Day.

With some Cardboard letters and leftover beadboard or even a wood pallet. Make this Incredible pallet custom wood sign in only a few hours. Most of my friends think I have a lot of holiday decor, well until they see my lack of Valentine’s Day decor around the house.

I was feeling creative and inspired to make something inexpensive yet whimsical for the house. We had some beadboard in the garage so the rest came easy. See how you can make this super easy DIY Valentines Day sign in just a few hours.

DIY Valentines Day Mantel Decor


valentines day decor

How to Make an Easy DIY Valentines Day Mantel Decor

I purchased these thin MDF  letters from AC Moore. I wish they were on sale but they were 3.99 each. They do carry smaller ones but these were thicker and I wanted a large sign for the mantel. My son helped paint the letters.

I originally painted a piece of beadboard white, but then decided to change the colors. The cat decided to help paint too. Can you see her footprints?

Once everything is dry, I used wood glue and attached the letters to the painted board. Could not be easier, I told you.

DIY Valentines Day Mantel Decor

Now for the look. I decided first to see what I had to create Valentine’s Day themed mantel and took down any pictures etc, that is up most of the year.

I took out the dollar store banner I made several years ago. Not sure why I never put it here before. To find out how to make this inexpensive valentines day banner check out this post.

DIY Valentines Day Mantel Decor


I used the dollar store candle holders I made as well and filled them with conversation hearts and battery-operated candles.


DIY Valentines Day Mantel Decor

I like the look but it still feels a little empty. This is what it looks like before we put our TV in that room.

DIY home decor

Ok moved things around and now it is subtle but says yes we recognize Valentines day around here. It is a holiday about those we love so why not keep out the pictures of those we love.

 Which mantel do you like better? What do you think of the DIY Valentine’s Day decor?


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  1. Looks very cute!

  2. Oh I love that! You have been pinned! 🙂

  3. of course you can make it any color you wish, that is the beauty of this project:) All white w/ white letters and a red O would be adorable too

  4. This is adorable and I love the LOVE sign. I think my hubby would even go for the pink. 😉

  5. I agree with you Jayne, do not like them either. but cute as decor

  6. Cute project. I like the idea of using conversation hearts as decor. I don’t like to eat them but I still think they are cute.

  7. SUPER cute DIY project! 😀

  8. Thanks Danielle saw them at both AC Moore and Joanne’s again this year

  9. It really is not. If u have an AC Moore near u I saw the letters 2 for $5 yesterday which makes this less expensive

  10. Too funny this about the extent of our decorations except a wreath. More effort usually went into making class valentines

  11. I love the little string of hearts!

  12. How cute. I think I will do this with my children!

  13. I don’t typically decorate for VDay, but my 5 year old asked me why not so I’ve been looking for fun DIY he can help me with!

  14. Thx Kerri super simple and inexpensive holiday crafts is what I am all about;). Letters were more expensive than I would like but love the result

  15. I still haven’t wrapped my head around Valentines day! I love this craft though!

  16. I like the bottom mantel the best. And I love the board- very pretty!

  17. How cute – reminds me of those large letters in that city you always see people taking pictures by. No pun…but LOVE IT!! 🙂

  18. My daughter is thinking of marriage so I love all these ideas from valentines day. The love one would be great for her wedding