Fall Scavenger Hunt and Art Project for Kids

Fall is an amazing time of year to take a hike or in this case a walk around the neighborhood or school.  We took our first graders out for a fall scavenger hunt and then created a fun fall art project to go with it.  We are all looking for ways to be outside and this is what you need. 

With our free Fall scavenger hunt printable, even non-readers can participate in this fun fall activity.  Whether you are at home with the kids, teaching a glass JK-2nd, here is a way to get outside, learn about nature and then play with it.

Fall scavenger hunt


Print out our Fall Scavenger Hunt Printable , in color ideally for the non-reader. 


fall scavenger hunt printable

Have each child glue their list of items to find onto a paper bag.  Size and color is up to you. 

fall nature art ideas and scavenger hunt

If you have some extra time, have the kids decorate the bags in a fall theme.  

Read the book Leaf Man   to the class as they decorate their bags.  We decided to read the book before the nature hunt so the kids could have an idea of what they might want to create and collect items with that in mind. 

Take a walk and collect the items on the list, talking about how leaves change, what acorns are used for etc. Feel free to pick up some extra acorns for these acorn crafts. 

When the kids get back to the class room, we provided them with with construction paper but then realized they needed tac board or two pieces of card stock to hold up many of their projects. 

Consider having them design their objects before handing out glue. 

Then let them do their thing.  Look at some of these amazing fall leaf art our first grader girls made. 

fall scavenger hunt art leaf man

From leaf people, right out of the book, to a birthday cake the girls really had a fun time with this project. 

fall scavenger hunt art leaf man

fall nature art ideas

For an extra fun fall/ Halloween treat, we let the students make their own brownie bite spiders.  


Brownie spiders

Each child received a package of Little Bites Brownies.  Also in their bag were a small bag of pretzels and mini M& M’s.  

The kids can break the pretzels in half and create the legs. Turn this into a lesson about spiders vs insects.

What fall lessons are you doing with your kids? 

Don’t forget to download our Fall Scavenger Hunt Printable

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