Holiday Wine Cork Crafts and Wine Cork Ornaments

Do not judge about the amount of wine corks we have in our home. I am sure if you collected them on your bar you would eventually have enough to craft with too!! Since I needed to make room in my cork jar for holiday entertaining I thought I would make some wine cork crafts and cork ornaments.

I actually have enough to make another Wine Cork Tray or Wine Cork Wreath but thought I would get into the holiday season and make some Holiday Cork Crafts.

wine cork crafts

We are always bringing bottles of wine to friends over the holidays as hostess gifts or to share at a party. Why not add a cute and inexpensive Snowman Cork Ornament to the bottle as a gift tag. This was so fun to make as I had never used Sculpey clay before.


What you need:

This could not be easier. Make little carrot noses out of the Clay. Follow the directions on the packages. Make them smaller than you might think, I made mine a little big probably.

make a clay snow man nose

Add you Screw Eye to the top of your cork

snowman cork ornaments

Add eyes and a mouth to your Cork and hot glue the nose on top. Add a cute ribbon on top if you wish and attach it to your next bottle of wine. Your recipient will have a bottle of wine and a fun ornament too.


Speaking of ornaments, I had seen grape ornaments made out of corks at a few stores this year. Once again, simple and inexpensive .

grape wine cork ornament

Using Wood Glue create the grape shape out of 10 corks. I used a rubber band to hold it all together.

Allow to dry completely and add a c hook to the top of the grape bunch and hot glue some inexpensive leaves to the top.

Boom you have an ornament. You can add glitter to the cork ends if you want more sparkle.


Finally Adorn your tables with cork votives.

Simply hot glue corks to an inexpensive votive. (I found these for 50 cents)

You have a fun little table decoration or party favor if you wish.

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Wine Cork Pumpkin and Wine Cork Snowman Combo

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So what will you be doing with all the corks you have collected over the holidays??

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  1. I love the ornament. How creative of you!

  2. Pretty cool! I can get a lot of wine corks at my job since we serve so much wine there. kids would like this