Wine Cork Pumpkin and Wine Cork Snowman Combo

Wine Cork Pumpkin and Wine Cork Snowman Combo

 I have been saving wine corks for years.  I have made a few fun Wine Cork Crafts such as a Wine Cork wreath, Wine cork tray and wine cork ornaments to name a few. After looking at my overflowing vase of corks, I decided to craft this Wine Cork Pumpkin and Wine Cork Snowman Combo to use from now until February.

Wine Cork Pumpkin and Wine Cork Snowman Combo

What you need to make this simple Wine Cork Pumpkin and Wine Cork Snowman Combo.

  • Wine Corks
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Fall floral pick (optional)
  • White Paint
  • Black and orange felt, foam, buttons or fabric

Wine Cork Pumpkin and Wine Cork Snowman Combo

Simple with very few need supplies you can put a bunch of these together for gifts or decor in a few hours.  

First decide on how big you want your pumpkin.   The widest part will be in the middle so lay out the corks to determine width.

wine cork pumpkin tutorial 1

While you are doing this, be sure to plug in your glue gun so it is nice and hot for the project. 


You may want to put all the flat sides where the wine open did not puncture on one side of the craft.  We decided to have the snowman have a few little imperfection.

Once you are done assembling the pumpkin, you can hot glue 3/4 of a a cork for the stem.  You can also use a sparkling wine cork or a full cork.. Your design your choice.


I left my pumpkin natural, mixing up the already colored corks with natural colors. 


Once assembled, turn the pumpkin over to the imperfect side and paint it white.   

Once dry, hot glue on the facial features.  

That is truly how simple this wine cork craft is.  What an amazing holiday gift to give someone.  It not only will be out for multiple seasons but it is not “holiday” related so it is perfect for anyone.


Make them in different sizes too.  Who wouldn’t love to be greeted by a row of cute snowman or pumpkins . 

two wine cork pumpkin sizes two wine cork snowmen



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Make them as Thanksgiving housewarming gifts or make mini ones for place settings.  I know that is a lot of wine, but trust me we have had our share the last 6 months. 

wine cork craft for fall and winter



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