How to Dye Coconut ( Making Colored Coconut)

Ever wonder how the grocery stores make green grass made out of coconut for cakes?  It is super easy to learn how to dye coconut

It does not matter if its Easter or4th of July, any time of year, dyed coconut can come in handy.

This post we did in 2011 we made Cute little chickies with orange and yellow feathers, or edible Easter grass.  We updated our pictures from our 4th of July Coconut Cake Recipe.

How to Dye Coconut ( Making Colored Coconut)




What you need to Dye Coconut

  1. Shredded coconut
  2. Food Coloring, either gel or liquid work
  3. Plastic zipper bags


How to Dye Coconut ( Making Colored Coconut)

It is really a simple process but thought I would show you how as well as the muffins my children created with the colored coconut.

Simply add 1 cup of shredded coconut into a plastic bag.

Add 4 drops of food coloring.  (At the time of the first post,  I only had yellow in the liquid but I am sure gel will work nicely too.

Then shake or massage the coconut into the dye until it is absorbed.

Have fun with it and make multiple colors like red and blue for your next 4th of July dessert.

 Make colored Shredded coconut the desired color:

If it is not dark enough add more dye, if too dark add more coconut and repeat.


How to decorate cakes with colored coconut:

I was making some lemon bread muffins for the school bake sale and thought I would transform the extra into something festive.

I cleared my hands of this one and just brought out some supplies for the kids after school.

I told them our snack was a food craft. They were more excited then I was expected. I also get kudos as my daughter had a playdate that afternoon.

I let the kids use icing to glue on the coconut and let them explore with some candies I had around the house.

Here is what they came up with:

I was impressed they ate the coconut.

Or at least 2 did, here is my son’s “french person”.

  I love crafting with food with the kids but be prepared for a mess. After all the baking I did and then this my kitchen was less than desirable.

What do you use colored Coconut for?


how to dye coconut

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  1. Totally cute idea! I don’t think I can ever use plain white coconut again.

  2. I have made colored coconut in the past but what a great idea to let people know how to do it just in time for easter goodie making!


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