Easy 4th of July Cake ( Coconut Cake)

If you found this 4th of July Cake we adapted then you might have already been a fan of our Super Moist Coconut Cake we made in the past.  The only true difference in this coconut cake is that we dyed the coconut Red and Blue to for 4th of July Desserts. 

Not sure a 4th of July Cake: Really this would be a great poke cake recipe for Memorial Day or Labor Day too.


4th of july Coconut Cake slice

The 4th of July Cake version is made the same as the original, moist coconut cake, we just had a little fun and dyed our coconut.  It really does not take much effort to create a red, white and blue topping with something already white and very adaptable to food coloring, 

Simply prepare the cake per the recipe from the post above, using undyed coconut in the milk mixture. This is the part you will use for the poke cake. 

4th of july Coconut Cake slice

I don’t like to use too much food coloring but you could put some in the milk mixture if you wanted to make the cake even more festive.


4th of july Coconut Cake slice Don’t you just love easy cakes that use a boxed cake mix for starters? 

 I am not ashamed to take short cuts when it comes to baking and using a box cake mix is one of those short cuts that make baking easier for any level baker. 
Here are some other tasty ways to use a cake mix to make a delicious and simple dessert for any time of year.

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Be sure to check out the simple way to color coconut shreds. 

It is that simple to dye coconut for a 4th of July Cake.   Heck, you could really dye the coconut for any holiday or theme like a Super Bowl Party or Graduation party. 

Then simply sprinkle the colored coconut onto the coconut poke cake and you have the best 4th of July Cake. 

I love using the same recipe that my family loves and just adapting it with colored frosting or in this case coconut to bring out a theme. 

What color will you make these coconut shreds to complete the best cake for your 4th of July BBQ? 

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4th of july Coconut Cake slice

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