Fourth of July Dessert Cake: Red White & Blue Checkerboard Cake

This weekend marks the start of summer but also Memorial Day where we need to remember our country and those who have fought for it. Not only do the soldiers themselves suffer from their deployments etc but also the families they leave behind.

Show some patriotic spirit this weekend, by making this Red, White and Blue Checkerboard Cake, or what my family as renamed Bomb Pop Cake. Fourth of July Desserts are the best.

Read on to find more patriotic crafts and recipes for Memorial Day, Fourth of July or even Labor Day. Cant wait to see what Patriotic Party Ideas you bring by too.


I had some leftover egg whites from a recipe this weekend and had a white cake mix in the pantry so what better than to make a Memorial Day Themed Dessert.

I also decided to mix things up a bit by using Kool-Aid to not only color my cake but add some flavor to the white cake. Kids will be thrilled by the sweetness. To make a checkerboard cake like this with ease you will want a Checkerboard Cake Pan Set.

How to make this Checkerboard Cake for 4th of July 


How to Color Cake with Kool-Aid

Simply make the white cake mix per the directions. Split up the batter into 3 equal parts and use the Blue and red colored Kool-Aid to color the batter.



I used a checkerboard cake kit, which calls for 2 cake boxes but I was not going back out to buy another one. Our cake was a little thin but I liked it anyway. You could simply make 3 layers each of one color and the kids will love that too.



Bake per the cake box directions and allow to completely cool.




Pile them up and frost with simple white frosting, canned or make your own. We are talking simple here.


checkerboard Cake recipe



I had some red, white, and blue sprinkles so I dazzled the cake with some of that too. The kids nicknamed this the Bomb Pop Cake, due to the sweetness and different flavors of each layer.



Check it out, the kids went crazy to see the checkerboard inside the cake. What a great way to show thanks this Memorial Day. Make an extra one and bring it to your favorite Veteran or active military friend this Memorial Day.



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Easy 4th of July Desserts Ideas

These are simple 4th of July desserts that everyone will enjoy. They are semi-homemade so you don't have to worry about slaving in the kitchen for hours, and of course, they are family friendly.

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