How To Make Oreo Balls Summer Parties

How to Make Oreo Balls for Summer parties.  Whether you are celebrating the Fourth of July or Memorial Day, or just having a summer BBQ make one of these creative summer desserts.  Oreo Balls are super easy to make, it is the decorating that takes a little creativity. 

We are sharing some fun Summer Themed Oreo Balls for you to browse and decide which one/ ones to make yourself.

easy oreo balls

First, we made these fun Ice Cream Cone Oreo Balls to celebrate the end of the school year. 

How to Make Oreo Balls

We made Oreo Balls and after we dipped them in Chocolate placed them on top of mini Ice Cream cones.

start off your summer party right with these ice cream oreo balls

Simply dip the Oreo Balls in white chocolate. 

start off your summer party right with these ice cream oreo balls

 Add sprinkles immediately. What fun way to start summer and prevent summer learning loss. Best part you don’t have to worry about these melting! 

start off your summer party right with these ice cream oreo balls

Although don’t worry about chocolate falling over the sides it looks like it is melting. 

start off your summer party right with these ice cream oreo balls



How To Make Oreo Balls Summer Parties

Sharing how to make Oreo balls for summer parties from graduation to Fourth of July to summer BBQ's

How do you make Oreo Balls for Summer Parties?


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  3. In the past, we didn’t do a lot about summer learning loss other than some online learning tools like and Reading Eggs. They love both of those, but I’d like to work in some offline learning too.

  4. This is right on time. Summer is around the corner and I am steadily looking for activities for them to do while they are out.

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