How to Get Rid of Stubborn Stains

If you have kids or spend anytime in the kitchen or just simply a sloppy eater, then you are very familiar with tough stains.  Whether it is ketchup from a juicy hamburger or a spilled glass of red wine, it is not unusual to cringe and wonder if that outfit is ruined forever. 

There are no magic tricks here, just some simple steps in how to get rid of stubborn stains. 

how to get Rid of stubborn stains

How to Get Rid of Stubborn Stains

If you are Away from Home

If you are not at home or don’t have access to BIZ Detergent, it is very important to first lightly blot the stain with some water and a clean cloth.

HOw to get rid of stubborn stains

Pre-Treat the Stain

Even if you don’t plan on washing the item right away, it is so important to add some BIZ directly to the spot because if you are like me,  when you get around to doing that load of laundry you will forget about that stain.   Here are the directions from their website: Pre-treat stains directly with BIZ® liquid by wetting the area with warm water and applying Biz. Rub gently and wait 5-10 minutes then wash as usual.


If you do forget to pretreat the stain and you notice once it comes out of the wash that is has not gone away, be sure not to put the item in the dryer.  This will most likely set the stain forever. 

Always Add BIZ Detergernt to your Wash Loads

While pretreating stubborn stains is key to getting them out, if you use BIZ Detergent along with your regular detergent you avoid missing stains you did not know where there. 

ABOUT BIZ Detergent: 

  • Cleans up to 80% BETTER than detergent alone
  • MORE STAIN FIGHTERS than other brands
  • Fights tough stains BETTER THAN OXI CLEAN guaranteed!
  • Contains a UNIQUE blend of enzymes which quickly dissolves stains and odors
  • Made with BIODEGRADABLE surfactants

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